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Ming, C.L.
Ming Chou, L.
Chou, L.M.
Loke, M.C.
Chou Loke Ming

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-1998A first tentative Holocene sea-level curve for SingaporeHesp, P.A.; Hung, C.C.; Hilton, M.; Ming, C.L. ; Turner, I.M. 
220-Dec-1996A generic account of marine soft-bottom benthic bivalves of SingaporeSachidhanandam, U.; Chou, L.M. 
31-Oct-2002A portable, low-cost, multipurpose, surface-subsurface plankton samplerNayar, S.; Goh, B.P.L.; Chou, L.M. 
41991A study of the heavy metal concentrations of the Singapore RiverSin, Y.M. ; Wong, M.K. ; Chou, L.M. ; Alias, N.B.
5Apr-2013Aggregated settlement of Pocillopora damicornis planulae on injury sites may facilitate coral wound healingToh, T.C.; Chou, L.M. 
6Feb-2009An allometric analysis of juvenile fluted giant clam shells (Tridacna squamosa L.)Chan, K.R.; Todd, P.A. ; Chou, L.M. 
72009An allometric analysis of juvenile fluted giant clam shells (Tridacna squamosa L.)Chan, K.R. ; Todd, P.A. ; Chou, L.M. 
81997An analysis of gorgonian (anthozoa; octocorallia) zonation on Singapore reefs with respect to depthGoh, N.K.C. ; Loo, M.G.K. ; Chou, L.M. 
920-Dec-1996An annotated checklist of the gorgonians (Anthozoa: Octocorallia) of Singapore, with a discussion of gorgonian diversity in the Indo-West PacificGoh, N.K.C. ; Chou, L.M. 
102010Anticipated impacts of climate change on marine biodiversity: Using field situations that simulate climate change in SingaporeMing, C.L. 
1117-Jul-2002Antifungal properties of Singapore gorgonians: A preliminary studyKoh, L.L.; Tan, T.K. ; Chou, L.M. ; Goh, N.K.C. 
121997Artificial reefs of Southeast Asia - do they enhance or degrade the marine environment?Chou, L.M. 
13Oct-1998Bioactivity Screening of Singapore Gorgonians: Antimicrobial Activity, Toxicity to Artemia salina and Efficacy against Plasmodium bergheiGoh, N.K.C. ; Chou, L.M. 
14Jun-2009Can artificial substrates enriched with crustose coralline algae enhance larval settlement and recruitment in the fluted giant clam (Tridacna squamosa)?Neo, M.L.; Todd, P.A. ; Teo, S.L.-M. ; Chou, L.M. 
1531-Mar-2000Checklist of the nudibranchs (Opisthobranchia: Nudibranchia) of the South China SeaSachidhanandam, U.; Willan, R.C.; Chou, L.M. 
1623-Aug-2000Chemical and physical defenses of Singapore gorgonians (Octocorallia: Gorgonacea)Koh, L.L.; Goh, N.K.C.; Chou, L.M. ; Tan, Y.W.
171-Jan-2004Community structure of coastal fishes in relation to heavily impacted human modified habitatsJaafar, Z. ; Hajisamae, S.; Chou, L.M. ; Yatiman, Y.
18Sep-2007Conserving reefs beside a marine landfill in SingaporeChou, L.M. ; Tun, K.P.P. 
199-Mar-2012Contrasting patterns of coral bleaching susceptibility in 2010 suggest an adaptive response to thermal stressGuest, J.R. ; Baird, A.H.; Maynard, J.A.; Muttaqin, E.; Edwards, A.J.; Campbell, S.J.; Yewdall, K.; Affendi, Y.A.; Chou, L.M. 
202016Coral community response to bleaching on a highly disturbed reefGuest J.R. ; Low J.; Tun K.; Wilson B.; Ng C. ; Raingeard D.; Ulstrup K.E.; Tanzil J.T.I ; Todd P.A. ; Toh T.C. ; McDougald D.; Chou L.M. ; Steinberg P.D.