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Title: Community structure of coastal fishes in relation to heavily impacted human modified habitats
Authors: Jaafar, Z. 
Hajisamae, S.
Chou, L.M. 
Yatiman, Y.
Keywords: Fish ecology
Juvenile fish
Modified-coastal habitat
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2004
Citation: Jaafar, Z., Hajisamae, S., Chou, L.M., Yatiman, Y. (2004-01-01). Community structure of coastal fishes in relation to heavily impacted human modified habitats. Hydrobiologia 511 : 113-123. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Diversity and community structure of coastal fishes were compared between reforested mangrove and reclaimed sandy habitats at Pasir Ris, in the eastern part of Singapore. Both habitats supported a total of 91 species, but a single species, Ambassis kopsii dominated in abundance. Mean fish density was significantly higher at the reclaimed sandy shore than the reforested mangrove, but the reforested mangrove habitat yielded higher diversity. Apart from A. kopsii, abundant species in the mangroves included Ambassis interrupta, Thryssa hamiltonii, Acentrogobius sp., Scatophagus argus and Arius sagor. Anodontostoma chacunda, Acentrogobius sp., Leiognathus decorus, Sillago sihama and Stolephorus sp. were abundant in the reclaimed sandy habitat. Both habitats exhibited a higher mean density and average species richness during high tide. Several species from the family Gobiidae dominated the catch during low tide while pelagic fishes were most abundant during high tide. Diel variation showed significantly higher density during the day than at night, a result that contrasts to similar studies elsewhere. However, species richness showed no significant variation between day and night catches. Interaction between combined factors of time of the day and tidal height on fish density and average species richness was significantly different. The results indicated both habitat types to be important fish nurseries.
Source Title: Hydrobiologia
ISSN: 00188158
DOI: 10.1023/B:HYDR.0000014034.27109.20
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