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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
131-Jul-2019Complete mitochondrial genome of the sea star Archaster typicus (Asteroidea: Archasteridae)QUEK ZHENG BIN, RANDOLPH ; CHANG JIA JIN, MARC ; IP YIN CHEONG ; Huang Danwei 
22019From marine park to future genomic observatory? Enhancing marine biodiversity assessments using a biocode approachIp, Y.C.A. ; Tay, Y.C. ; Gan, S.X.; Ang, H.P.; Tun, K.; Chou, L.M. ; Huang, D. ; Meier, R. 
324-Jun-2020MinION-in-ARMS: Nanopore Sequencing to Expedite Barcoding of Specimen-Rich Macrofaunal Samples From Autonomous Reef Monitoring StructuresChang, J.J.M. ; Ip, Y.C.A. ; Bauman, A.G. ; Huang, D. 
47-Oct-2020Mitogenomes Reveal Alternative Initiation Codons and Lineage-Specific Gene Order Conservation in EchinodermsQuek, Zheng Bin Randolph; Chang, Jia Jin Marc ; Ip, Yin Cheong Aden ; Chan, Yong Kit Samuel ; Huang, Danwei 
52019Searching for phylogenetic patterns of Symbiodiniaceae community structure among Indo-Pacific Merulinidae coralsLeveque, S.; Afiq-Rosli, L. ; Ip, Y.C.A. ; Jain, S.S. ; Huang, D. 
621-Nov-2020Seeking life in sedimented waters: Environmental DNA from diverse habitat types reveals ecologically significant species in a tropical marine environmentIP YIN CHEONG ; TAY YWEE CHIEH ; CHANG JIA JIN, MARC ; Ang, Hui Ping; Tun, Karenne Phyu Phyu; CHOU LOKE MING ; Huang Danwei ; MEIER,RUDOLF 
72020Takeaways from mobile dna barcoding with bentolab and minionChang, J.J.M.; Ip, Y.C.A. ; Ng, C.S.L. ; Huang, D.