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Nalini Puniamoorthy
Puniamoorthy, N.


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1Jul-2013A plea for digital reference collections and other science-based digitization initiatives in taxonomy: Sepsidnet as exemplar: Digital reference collections such as SepsidnetAng, Y.; Puniamoorthy, J.; Pont, A.C.; Bartak, M.; Blanckenhorn, W.U.; Eberhard, W.G.; Puniamoorthy, N. ; Silva, V.C.; Munari, L.; Meier, R. 
22008Bending for love: Losses and gains of sexual dimorphisms are strictly correlated with changes in the mounting position of sepsid flies (Sepsidae: Diptera)Puniamoorthy, N. ; Su, K.F.-Y.; Meier, R. 
3Nov-2012Differential investment in pre- vs. post-copulatory sexual selection reinforces a cross-continental reversal of sexual size dimorphism in Sepsis punctum (Diptera: Sepsidae)Puniamoorthy, N. ; Blanckenhorn, W.U.; Schäfer, M.A.
4Nov-2009From kissing to belly stridulation: Comparative analysis reveals surprising diversity, rapid evolution, and much homoplasy in the mating behaviour of 27 species of sepsid flies (Diptera: Sepsidae)Puniamoorthy, N. ; Ismail, M.R.B.; Tan, D.S.H.; Meier, R.
53-Apr-2008Give south Indian authors their true namesPuniamoorthy, N. ; Jeevanandam, J.; Narayanan Kutty, S. 
62013Infections with the microbe Cardinium in the Dolichopodidae and other EmpidoideaMartin, O.Y.; Puniamoorthy, N. ; Gubler, A.; Wimmer, C.; Germann, C.; Bernasconi, M.V.
7Jan-2013Infections with Wolbachia, Spiroplasma, and Rickettsia in the Dolichopodidae and other EmpidoideaMartin, O.Y.; Puniamoorthy, N. ; Gubler, A.; Wimmer, C.; Bernasconi, M.V.
82014Ivermectin sensitivity is an ancient trait affecting all ecdysozoa but shows phylogenetic clustering among sepsid fliesPuniamoorthy, N. ; Schäfer M.A.; Römbke J.; Meier, R. ; Blanckenhorn, W.U.
9Feb-2008Lack of morphological coevolution between male forelegs and female wings in Themira (Sepsidae: Diptera: Insecta)Ingram, K.K.; Laamanen, T.; Puniamoorthy, N. ; Meier, R. 
1028-Jul-2021Rapid genomic evolution drives the diversification of male reproductive genes in dung beetlesMRINALINI ; KOH CHO YEOW ; NALINI PUNIAMOORTHY 
11Jul-2008Secondarily reduced foreleg armature in Perochaeta dikowi sp.n. (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha: Sepsidae) due to a novel mounting techniqueAng, Y.; Puniamoorthy, N. ; Meier, R. 
12Jul-2012Sexual selection accounts for the geographic reversal of sexual size dimorphism in the dung fly, sepsis punctum (diptera: Sepsidae)Puniamoorthy, N. ; Schäfer, M.A.; Blanckenhorn, W.U.
132010Unlocking the "black box": Internal female genitalia in Sepsidae (Diptera) evolve fast and are species-specificPuniamoorthy, N. ; Kotrba, M.; Meier, R. 
142020Wolbachia infection in wild mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae): implications for transmission modes and host-endosymbiont associations in SingaporeDing, H.; Yeo, H.; Puniamoorthy, N.