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Yuchen Ang


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129-Jun-2020Contribution to understanding the evolution of holometaboly: Transformation of internal head structures during the metamorphosis in the green lacewing Chrysopa pallens (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)Zhao, C; Ang, Y ; Wang, M; Gao, C; Zhang, K; Tang, C; Liu, X; Li, M; Yang, D; Meier, R 
21-Jan-2020'Fake widespread species': A new mangrove Thinophilus Wahlberg (Diptera, Dolichopodidae) from Bohol, Philippines, that is cryptic with a Singaporean speciesRamos, K; Ang, Y ; Grootaert, P
31-Jan-2019First records of Pseudogaurax Malloch 1915 (Diptera: Chloropidae) from Singapore, with the description of two new species discovered with NGS barcodesIsmay, B; Ang, Y 
42-Feb-2022First records of snail-killing flies (Diptera: Sciomyzidae) from Singapore with notes on morphology and DNA sequencingMortelmans, Jonas; Hussin, Maimon ; Lee, Leshon; Ang, Yuchen 
51-Jan-2017Hidden in the urban parks of New York City: Themira lohmanus, a new species of Sepsidae described based on morphology, DNA sequences, mating behavior, and reproductive isolation (Sepsidae, Diptera)Ang, Yuchen ; Rajaratnam, Gowri ; Su, Kathy FY ; Meier, Rudolf 
618-Feb-2022Hitchhiking into the future on a fly: Toward a better understanding of phoresy and avian louse evolution (Phthiraptera) by screening bird carcasses for phoretic lice on hippoboscid flies (Diptera)Lee, Leshon; Tan, David JX ; Obona, Jozef; Gustafsson, Daniel R; Ang, Yuchen ; Meier, Rudolf 
71-Dec-2021Mangroves are an overlooked hotspot of insect diversity despite low plant diversityYeo, D ; Srivathsan, A ; Puniamoorthy, J ; Maosheng, F ; Grootaert, P; Chan, L; Guénard, B; Damken, C; Wahab, RA; Yuchen, A ; Meier, R 
820-Mar-2018Next-Generation Sequencing Identification Tools for Nee Soon freshwater swamp forest, SingaporeSUJATHA NARAYANAN KUTTY ; WENDY WANG; ANG YUCHEN ; TAY YWEE CHIEH ; JONATHAN HO KIT IAN ; MEIER,RUDOLF 
93-Jul-2018Stenope, a new euphorine genus from the Philippines (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)Van Achterberg, Cornelis; Ang, Yuchen ; Reshchikov, Alexey; Yue, Qi
1027-Mar-2017Two new species of Allophrys Forster from the Oriental Region (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Tersilochinae)Yue, Qi; Reshchikov, Alexey; Ang, Yuchen ; Xu, Zai-Fu; Pang, Hong