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Lim Xin Ni
Lim, Xiao Fang
Lim, Xiao
Lim, X.F.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A Human Antibody Neutralizes Different Flaviviruses by Using Different MechanismsZhang, S. ; Loy, T.; Ng, T.-S. ; Lim, X.-N. ; Chew, S.-Y.V. ; Tan, T.Y. ; Xu, M.; Kostyuchenko, V.A. ; Tukijan, F.; Shi, J. ; Fink, K.; Lok, S.-M. 
22020Capsid protein structure in Zika virus reveals the flavivirus assembly processTan, T.Y.; Fibriansah, G. ; Kostyuchenko, V.A. ; Ng, T.-S. ; Lim, X.-X. ; Zhang, S. ; Lim, X.-N. ; Wang, J. ; Shi, J. ; Morais, M.C.; Corti, D.; Lok, S.-M. 
32018Genome-wide identification of natural RNA aptamers in prokaryotes and eukaryotesTapsin, S; Sun, M; Shen, Y; Zhang, H; Lim, X.N ; Susanto, T.T; Yang, S.L; Zeng, G.S; Lee, J; Lezhava, A; Ang, E.L; Zhang, L.H; Wang, Y ; Zhao, H; Nagarajan, N ; Wan, Y
419-Jun-2020High flavivirus structural plasticity demonstrated by a non-spherical morphological variantMorrone, S.R. ; Chew, V.S.Y. ; Lim, X.-N. ; Ng, T.-S. ; Kostyuchenko, V.A. ; Zhang, S. ; Chew, P.-L. ; Lee, J. ; Tan, J.L. ; Wang, J. ; Tan, T.Y. ; Shi, J.; Screaton, G.; Morais, M.C.; Lok, S.-M. 
52016Neutralization mechanism of a highly potent antibody against Zika virusZhang, S ; Kostyuchenko, V.A ; Ng, T.-S ; Lim, X.-N ; Ooi, J.S.G ; Lambert, S ; Tan, T.Y ; Widman, D.G; Shi, J ; Baric, R.S; Lok, S.-M 
619-Dec-2019Serological evidence and experimental infection of cynomolgus macaques with pteropine orthoreovirus reveal monkeys as potential hosts for transmission to humansChee Wah Tan ; Kevin Wittwer; Xiao Fang Lim ; Anna Uehara; Shailendra Mani ; Lin-Fa Wang ; Danielle Anderson