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Guntur Fibriansah
Fibriansah, G.
Fibriansah G.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A highly potent human antibody neutralizes dengue virus serotype 3 by binding across three surface proteinsFibriansah G. ; Tan J.L. ; Smith S.A.; De Alwis R.; Ng T.-S. ; Kostyuchenko V.A. ; Jadi R.S.; Kukkaro P. ; De Silva A.M.; Crowe J.E.; Lok S.-M. 
22014A potent anti-dengue human antibody preferentially recognizes the conformation of E protein monomers assembled on the virus surfaceFibriansah G. ; Tan J.L. ; Smith S.A.; de Alwis A.R.; Ng T.-S. ; Kostyuchenko V.A. ; Ibarra K.D.; Wang J. ; Harris E.; de Silva A.; Crowe J.E.; Lok S.-M. 
323-Feb-2021Antibody affinity versus dengue morphology influences neutralizationFibriansah, Guntur ; Lim, Elisa X. Y. ; Marzinek, Jan K.; Ng, Thiam-Seng ; Tan, Joanne L. ; Huber, Roland G.; Lim, Xin-Ni ; Chew, Valerie S. Y. ; Kostyuchenko, Victor A. ; Shi, Jian ; Anand, Ganesh S. ; Bond, Peter J. ; Crowe, James E.; Lok, Shee-Mei 
428-May-2020Capsid protein is central to the birth of flavivirus particlesTan, T.Y. ; Fibriansah, G. ; Lok, S.-M. 
52020Capsid protein structure in Zika virus reveals the flavivirus assembly processTan, T.Y.; Fibriansah, G. ; Kostyuchenko, V.A. ; Ng, T.-S. ; Lim, X.-X. ; Zhang, S. ; Lim, X.-N. ; Wang, J. ; Shi, J. ; Morais, M.C.; Corti, D.; Lok, S.-M. 
626-Nov-2012Crystal Structures of Two Transcriptional Regulators from Bacillus cereus Define the Conserved Structural Features of a PadR SubfamilyFibriansah, G. ; Kovács, Á.T.; Pool, T.J.; Boonstra, M.; Kuipers, O.P.; Thunnissen, A.-M.W.H.
72019Molecular basis of dengue virus serotype 2 morphological switch from 29°C to 37°CLim, X.-N.; Shan, C.; Marzinek, J.K.; Dong, H.; Ng, T.S. ; Ooi, J.S.G. ; Fibriansah, G. ; Wang, J. ; Verma, C.S. ; Bond, P.J.; Shi, P.-Y.; Lok, S.-M. 
813-Nov-2012On the mechanism of peptidoglycan binding and cleavage by the endo-specific lytic transglycosylase MltE from Escherichia coliFibriansah, G. ; Gliubich, F.I.; Thunnissen, A.-M.W.H.
9Jul-2013Structural changes in dengue virus when exposed to a temperature of 37°CFibriansah, G. ; Ng, T.-S. ; Kostyuchenko, V.A. ; Lee, J. ; Lee, S.; Wang, J.; Lok, S.-M. 
1011-Jan-2016The development of therapeutic antibodies against dengue virusGUNTUR FIBRIANSAH ; LOK SHEE MEI