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Kah Ping, Andy Tay
Tay Kah Ping Andy


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Engineering a 3D microfluidic culture platform for tumor-treating field applicationPavesi, A; Adriani, G; Tay, A ; Warkiani, M.E; Yeap, W.H; Wong, S.C ; Kamm, R.D
2Mar-2021Hydrogels for Engineering the Immune SystemXIANLEI LI ; Shou, Yufeng; TAY KAH PING,ANDY 
32015Malaria detection using inertial microfluidicsMajid E. Warkiani; Tay Kah Ping Andy ; Khoo Bee Luan; Xu Xiaofeng; Han Jongyoon; Lim Chwee Teck 
42015Membrane-less microfiltration using inertial microfluidicsWarkiani, M.E; Tay, A.K.P ; Guan, G; Han, J
51-Oct-2022Microbial resistance to nanotechnologies: An important but understudied consideration using antimicrobial nanotechnologies in orthopaedic implantsWu, Zhuoran ; Chan, Brian ; Low, Jessalyn; Chu, Justin Jang Hann ; Hey, Hwee Weng Dennis ; Tay, Andy 
62020Mitigating the impact of conference and travel cancellations on researchers’ futuresWeissgerber, T.; Bediako, Y.; De Winde, C.M.; Ebrahimi, H.; Fernández-Chiappe, F.; Ilangovan, V.; Mehta, D.; Quezada, C.P.; Riley, J.L.; Saladi, S.M.; Sarabipour, S.; Tay, A. 
718-Jan-2021Modulating the Mechanical Activation of TRPV4 at the Cell-Substrate InterfaceSianati, Setareh; Schroeter, Lioba; Richardson, Jessica; Tay, Andy ; Lamandé, S.R.; Poole, Kate
82020Struggling to get startedTay, A. 
9May-2017To MOOC or not to MOOC: A review of strategies to manage high attrition in MOOC participationMrinal Kanti Musib ; tay, A 
10Dec-2019Transfection with Nanostructure Electro‐Injection is Minimally PerturbativeTAY KAH PING,ANDY ; Melosh, Nicholas
112020Ways to increase equity, diversity and inclusionMehta, D.; Bediako, Y.; DE WINDE, C.M.; Ebrahimi, H.; Fernández-Chiappe, F.; Ilangovan, V.; Quezada, C.P.; Riley, J.L.; Saladi, S.M.; Tay, A. ; Weissgerber, T.