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16-Sep-2018Bidirectional regulation of adenosine-to-inosine (A-to-I) RNA editing by DEAH box helicase 9 (DHX9) in cancerHong, HuiQi ; An, Omer ; Chan, Tim HM ; Ng, Vanessa HE ; Kwok, Hui Si ; Lin, Jaymie S ; Qi, Lihua ; Han, Jian ; Tay, Daryl JT ; Tang, Sze Jing ; Yang, Henry ; Song, Yangyang ; Molias, Fernando Bellido ; Tenen, Daniel G ; Chen, Leilei 
27-Feb-2020Cis- and trans-regulations of pre-mRNA splicing by RNA editing enzymes influence cancer developmentTang, Sze Jing ; Shen, Haoqing; An, Omer ; Hong, HuiQi ; Li, Jia ; Song, Yangyang ; Han, Jian ; Tay, Daryl Jin Tai ; Ng, Vanessa Hui En ; Bellido Molias, Fernando ; Leong, Ka Wai ; Pitcheshwar, Priyankaa; Yang, Henry ; Chen, Leilei 
32020Erratum: Author Correction: Systematic evaluation and optimization of the experimental steps in RNA G-quadruplex structure sequencing (Scientific reports (2019) 9 1 (8091))Yeung, P.Y.; Zhao, J.; Chow, E.Y.-C.; Mou, X.; Hong, H. ; Chen, L. ; Chan, T.-F.; Kwok, C.K.
4Jul-2020RNA editing mediates the functional switch of COPA in a novel mechanism of hepatocarcinogenesisSong, Yangyang ; An, Omer ; Ren, Xi; Man Chan, Tim Hon; Tai Tay, Daryl Jin; Tang, Sze Jing ; Han, Jian ; Hong, HuiQi ; En Ng, Vanessa Hui ; Ke, Xinyu; Shen, Haoqing; Pitcheshwar, Priyankaa; Lin, Jaymie Siqi; Leong, Ka Wai; Molias, Fernando Bellido; Yang, Henry; Kappei, Dennis; Chen, Leilei 
517-Jun-2020Suppression of adenosine-to-inosine (A-to-I) RNA editome by death associated protein 3 (DAP3) promotes cancer progressionHan, Jian ; An, Omer ; Hong, HuiQi ; Chan, Tim Hon Man; Song, Yangyang ; Shen, Haoqing; Tang, Sze Jing ; Lin, Jaymie Siqi ; Ng, Vanessa Hui En ; Tay, Daryl Jin Tai ; Molias, Fernando Bellido ; Pitcheshwar, Priyankaa; Tan, Hui Qing ; Yang, Henry; Chen, Leilei 
62019Systematic evaluation and optimization of the experimental steps in RNA G-quadruplex structure sequencingYeung, P.Y.; Zhao, J.; Chow, E.Y.-C.; Mou, X.; Hong, H.Q. ; Chen, L. ; Chan, T.-F.; Kwok, C.K.
78-May-2021Targeting RNA Editing of Antizyme Inhibitor 1: a Potential Oligonucleotide-Based Antisense Therapy for Cancer.Tai Tay, Daryl Jin ; Song, Yangyang ; Peng, Boya ; Toh, Tan Boon ; Hooi, Lissa ; Kaixin Toh, Desiree-Faye; Hong, HuiQi ; Tang, Sze Jing ; Han, Jian ; Gan, Wei Liang; Man Chan, Tim Hon; Krishna, Manchugondanahalli S; Patil, Kiran M; Maraswami, Manikantha; Loh, Teck Peng; Dan, Yock Young ; Zhou, Lei ; Bonney, Glenn Kunnath ; Kah-Hoe Chow, Pierce ; Chen, Gang; Kai-Hua Chow, Edward ; Le, Minh Tn ; Chen, Leilei