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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2009A role for E2F activities in determining the fate of Myc-induced lymphomagenesisRempel, R.E.; Mori, S. ; Gasparetto, M.; Glozak, M.A.; Andrechek, E.R.; Adler, S.B.; Laakso, N.M.; Lagoo, A.S.; Storms, R.; Smith, C.; Nevins, J.R.
22015Activation of protein phosphatase 2A tumor suppressor as potential treatment of pancreatic cancerChien W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Lee K.L. ; Ding L.-W. ; Wuensche P.; Torres-Fernandez L.A.; Tan S.Z.; Tokatly I.; Zaiden N.; Poellinger L. ; Mori S. ; Yang H. ; Tyner J.W.; Koeffler H.P. 
32015Ascochlorin, an isoprenoid antibiotic inhibits growth and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma by targeting STAT3 signaling cascade through the induction of PIAS3Chien W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Ding L.-W. ; Wuensche P.; Torres-Fernandez L.A.; Tan S.Z.; Tokatly I.; Zaiden N.; Poellinger L. ; Mori S. ; Yang H. ; Tyner J.W.; Koeffler H.P. ; Sethi, Gautam. 
4Jan-2011Epigenetic suppression of the TGF-beta pathway revealed by transcriptome profiling in ovarian cancerMatsumura, N.; Huang, Z.; Mori, S. ; Baba, T.; Fujii, S.; Konishi, I.; Iversen, E.S.; Berchuck, A.; Murphy, S.K.
52018Functional genome-wide screening identifies targets and pathways sensitizing pancreatic cancer cells to dasatinibChien W. ; Sudo M. ; Ding L.-W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Wuensche P.; Lee K.L. ; Hattori N.; Garg M. ; Xu L. ; Zheng Y.; Gery S.; Wongphayak S. ; Yang H. ; Baloglu E.; Shacham S.; Kauffman M.; Mori S. ; Phillip Koeffler H.
6Jul-2013Functional genomics identifies five distinct molecular subtypes with clinical relevance and pathways for growth control in epithelial ovarian cancerTan, T.Z.; Miow, Q.H.; Huang, R.Y.-J.; Wong, M.K.; Ye, J.; Lau, J.A.; Wu, M.C. ; Bin Abdul Hadi, L.H.; Soong, R. ; Choolani, M.; Davidson, B.; Nesland, J.M.; Wang, L.-Z. ; Matsumura, N.; Mandai, M.; Konishi, I.; Goh, B.-C.; Chang, J.T.; Thiery, J.P. ; Mori, S. 
715-Jun-2010Myc-induced microRNAs integrate Myc-mediated cell proliferation and cell fateKim, J.W.; Mori, S. ; Nevins, J.R.
820-Sep-2012Protein arginine methyltransferase 6 regulates embryonic stem cell identityLee, Y.H.; Ma, H.; Tan, T.Z.; Ng, S.S.; Soong, R. ; Mori, S. ; Fu, X.-Y.; Zernicka-Goetz, M.; Wu, Q. 
9Jan-2011SIRT2 down-regulation in HeLa can induce p53 accumulation via p38 MAPK activation-dependent p300 decrease, eventually leading to apoptosisLi, Y.; Matsumori, H.; Nakayama, Y.; Osaki, M.; Kojima, H.; Kurimasa, A.; Ito, H.; Mori, S. ; Katoh, M.; Oshimura, M.; Inoue, T.
10Dec-2010Sorafenib efficacy in ovarian clear cell carcinoma revealed by transcriptome profilingMatsumura, N.; Mandai, M.; Okamoto, T.; Yamaguchi, K.; Yamamura, S.; Oura, T.; Baba, T.; Hamanishi, J.; Kang, H.S.; Matsui, S.; Mori, S. ; Murphy, S.K.; Konishi, I.
1111-Jan-2012The activated transforming growth factor-beta signaling pathway in peritoneal metastases is a potential therapeutic target in ovarian cancerYamamura, S.; Matsumura, N.; Mandai, M.; Huang, Z.; Oura, T.; Baba, T.; Hamanishi, J.; Yamaguchi, K.; Kang, H.S.; Okamoto, T.; Abiko, K.; Mori, S. ; Murphy, S.K.; Konishi, I.
1228-Aug-2009Utilization of genomic signatures to identify phenotype-specific drugsMori, S. ; Chang, J.T.; Andrechek, E.R.; Potti, A.; Nevins, J.R.
1315-Oct-2008Utilization of pathway signatures to reveal distinct types of B lymphoma in the Eμ-myc model and human diffuse large B-cell lymphomaMori, S. ; Rempel, R.E.; Chang, J.T.; Yao, G.; Lagoo, A.S.; Potti, A.; Bild, A.; Nevins, J.R.