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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Jun-2013A genetic and developmental pathway from STAT3 to the OCT4-NANOG circuit is essential for maintenance of ICM lineages in vivoDo, D.V.; Ueda, J.; Messerschmidt, D.M.; Lorthongpanich, C.; Zhou, Y.; Feng, B.; Guo, G.; Lin, P.J.; Hossain, M.Z.; Zhang, W.; Moh, A.; Wu, Q. ; Robson, P.; Ng, H.H.; Poellinger, L.; Knowles, B.B.; Solter, D.; Fu, X.-Y.
22009CARM1 is required in embryonic stem cells to maintain pluripotency and resist differentiationWu, Q. ; Bruce, A.W.; Jedrusik, A.; Zernicka-Goetz, M.; Ellis, P.D.; Andrews, R.M.; Langford, C.F.; Glover, D.M.
33-Jun-2003Characterization of the interaction of wheat HMGa with linear and four-way junction DNAsZhang, W.; Wu, Q. ; Pwee, K.-H. ; Jois, S.D.S. ; Kini, R.M. 
4Apr-2011Chromatin regulation landscape of embryonic stem cell identityLee, Y.H.; Wu, Q. 
517-Jul-2003Cloning and characterization of rice HMGB1 geneWu, Q. ; Zhang, W.; Pwee, K.-H. ; Kumar, P.P. 
6Aug-2005Cross talk in hormonally regulated gene transcription through induction of estrogen receptor ubiquitylationLuo, M.; Koh, M.; Feng, J.; Wu, Q. ; Melamed, P. 
715-Jan-2003Interaction of wheat high-mobility-group proteins with four-way-junction DNA and characterization of the structure and expression of HMGA geneZhang, W.; Wu, Q. ; Pwee, K.-H. ; Manjunatha Kini, R. 
8Oct-2011Mark the transition: Chromatin modifications and cell fate decisionWu, Q. ; Ng, H.-H. 
915-May-2014Patz1 regulates embryonic stem cell identityOw, J.R.; Ma, H.; Jean, A.; Goh, Z.; Lee, Y.H.; Chong, Y.M.; Soong, R.; Fu, X.-Y.; Yang, H.; Wu, Q. 
1020-Sep-2012Protein arginine methyltransferase 6 regulates embryonic stem cell identityLee, Y.H.; Ma, H.; Tan, T.Z.; Ng, S.S.; Soong, R. ; Mori, S. ; Fu, X.-Y.; Zernicka-Goetz, M.; Wu, Q. 
111-Mar-2003Rice HMGB1 protein recognizes DNA structures and bends DNA efficientlyWu, Q. ; Zhang, W.; Pwee, K.-H. ; Kumar, P.P. 
122018STAT3-Inducible mouse ESCs: A model to study the role of STAT3 in ESC maintenance and lineage differentiationWong Y.Q. ; Xu H. ; Wu Q. ; Liu X. ; Lufei C. ; Xu X.Q.; Fu X.-Y. 
13Mar-2005The male seahorse synthesizes and secretes a novel C-type lectin into the brood pouch during early pregnancyMelamed, P. ; Xue, Y.; Poon, J.F.D.; Wu, Q. ; Xie, H.; Yeo, J.; FOO TET WEI,JOHN ; Chua, H.K.
142014Zfp322a Regulates Mouse ES Cell Pluripotency and Enhances Reprogramming EfficiencyMa H.; Ng H.M.; Teh X.; Li H.; Lee Y.H.; Chong Y.M.; Loh Y.H. ; Collins J.J.; Feng B.; Yang H.; Wu Q.