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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A biphasic pattern of gene expression during mouse retina developmentZhang S.S.-M.; Xu X.; Liu M.-G.; Zhao H.; Soares M.B.; Barnstable C.J.; FU XIN-YUAN 
22018APP upregulation contributes to retinal ganglion cell degeneration via JNK3Liu C. ; Zhang C.-W.; Zhou Y. ; Wong W.Q.; Lee L.C. ; Ong W.Y. ; Yoon S.O.; Hong W.; Fu X.-Y. ; Soong T.W. ; Koo E.H. ; Stanton L.W.; Lim K.-L. ; Xiao Z.-C.; Dawe G.S. 
32005Comprehensive in silico functional specification of mouse retina transcriptsZhang S.S.-M.; Xu X.; Li J.; Liu M.-G.; Zhao H.; Soares M.B.; Barnstable C.J.; Fu X.-Y. 
42020Embryonic liver developmental trajectory revealed by single-cell RNA sequencing in the Foxa2eGFP mouseMu, T.; Xu, L.; Zhong, Y.; Liu, X. ; Zhao, Z.; Huang, C.; Lan, X.; Lufei, C. ; Zhou, Y. ; Su, Y.; Xu, L. ; Jiang, M.; Zhou, H.; Lin, X.; Wu, L.; Peng, S.; Liu, S.; Brix, S.; Dean, M.; Dunn, N.R.; Zaret, K.S.; Fu, X.-Y. ; Hou, Y.
52016RUNX1 haploinsufficiency results in granulocyte colony-stimulating factor hypersensitivityChin, D.W.L ; Sakurai, M; Nah, G.S.S ; Du, L ; Jacob, B; Yokomizo, T ; Matsumura, T ; Suda, T ; Huang, G; Fu, X.-Y ; Ito, Y ; Nakajima, H; Osato, M 
62008STAT3-And STAT5-dependent pathways competitively regulate the pan-differentiation of CD34 pos cells into tumor-competent dendritic cellsCohen, P.A; Koski, G.K; Czerniecki, B.J; Bunting, K.D; Fu, X.-Y ; Wang, Z; Zhang, W.-J; Carter, C.S; Awad, M; Distel, C.A; Nagem, H; Paustian, C.C; Johnson, T.D; Tisdale, J.F; Shu, S
72018STAT3-Inducible mouse ESCs: A model to study the role of STAT3 in ESC maintenance and lineage differentiationWong Y.Q. ; Xu H. ; Wu Q. ; Liu X. ; Lufei C. ; Xu X.Q.; Fu X.-Y. 
82014STATdb: A specialised resource for the STATomePatro C.P.K.; Khan A.M.; Tan T.W. ; Fu X.-Y. 
92018The STAT3 Target Mettl8 Regulates Mouse ESC Differentiation via Inhibiting the JNK PathwayGu, H. ; Do, D.V. ; Liu, X. ; Xu, L. ; Su, Y.; Nah, J.M.; Wong, Y. ; Li, Y. ; Sheng, N.; Tilaye, G.A.; Yang, H. ; Guo, H.; Yan, J.; Fu, X.-Y.