Full Name
Yuan, Y.-R.
Yuan, Yu-Ren Adam
Yuan, Y.R.A.
Yuan, Y.A.
Yuan Yu-Ren, Adam
Yuan, Y. Adam
Adam Yuan, Y.
Yuan, A.Y.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014A method to rationally increase protein stability based on the charge-charge interaction, with application to lipase LipK107Zhang, L.; Tang, X.; Cui, D.; Yao, Z.; Gao, B.; Jiang, S.; Yin, B.; Yuan, Y.A. ; Wei, D.
22015A monoclonal antibody binds to threonine 49 in the non-structural 1 protein of influenza A virus and interferes with its ability to modulate viral replicationBarnwal, Bhaskar ; Mok, Chee Keng ; Wu, Jianping; Diwakar, Mandakhalikar Kedar Edar; GARVITA GUPTA ; Zeng, Qi; Chow, Tak Kwong Vincent ; Song, Jianxing ; Yuan, Yu-Ren Adam ; Tan, Yee Joo 
3Aug-2012A role of autophagy in Trypanosoma brucei cell deathLi, F.-J. ; Shen, Q.; Wang, C.; Sun, Y.; Yuan, A.Y. ; He, C.Y. 
4Jan-2013An intracellular membrane junction consisting of flagellum adhesion glycoproteins links flagellum biogenesis to cell morphogenesis in Trypanosoma bruceiSun, S.Y.; Wang, C.; Yuan, Y.A. ; He, C.Y. 
518-Nov-2011Biochemical and structural analysis of Gox2181, a new member of the SDR superfamily from Gluconobacter oxydansLiu, X.; Yuan, Z.; Adam Yuan, Y. ; Lin, J.; Wei, D.
6Sep-2013Computational design of short-chain dehydrogenase Gox2181 for altered coenzyme specificityCui, D.; Zhang, L.; Yao, Z.; Liu, X.; Lin, J.; Yuan, Y.A. ; Wei, D.
7Jul-2013Crystal structure of arabidopsis thaliana dawdle forkhead-associated domain reveals a conserved phospho-threonine recognition cleft for dicer-like 1 bindingMachida, S.; Yuan, Y.A. 
8Oct-2012Crystal structure of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus ORF75 reveals a pseudodimer of thiol oxidase domains with a putative substrate-binding pocketHou, Y.; Xia, Q.; Adam Yuan, Y. 
92010Crystal structure of Mj1640/DUF358 protein reveals a putative SPOUT-class RNA methyltransferaseChen, H.-Y.; Yuan, Y.A. 
102015Crystal structure of Thermobifida fusca Cse1 reveals target DNA binding siteTay, Melanie; Liu, Su; Yuan, Y. Adam 
112012Efficient inhibition of HIV-1 replication by an artificial polycistronic miRNA constructZhang, T.; Cheng, T.; Wei, L.; Cai, Y.; Yeo, A.E.; Han, J.; Yuan, Y.A. ; Zhang, J.; Xia, N.
122016Large-scale production of foot-and-mouth disease virus (serotype Asia1) VLP vaccine in Escherichia coli and protection potency evaluation in cattleXiao, Y; Chen, H.-Y ; Wang, Y; Yin, B ; Lv, C; Mo, X ; Yan, H; Xuan, Y; Huang, Y; Pang, W; Li, X; Yuan, Y.A ; Tian, K.
13Sep-2011Molecular insights into miRNA processing by Arabidopsis thaliana SERRATEMacHida, S.; Chen, H.-Y.; Adam Yuan, Y. 
141-Jan-2011Molecular insights into plant cell proliferation disturbance by Agrobacterium protein 6bWang, M.; Soyano, T.; MacHida, S.; Yang, J.-Y.; Jung, C.; Chua, N.-H.; Yuan, Y.A. 
152009Preliminary X-ray data analysis of crystalline hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virusCheng, A.; Speir, J.A.; Yuan, Y.A. ; Johnson, J.E.; Wong, S.-M. 
16May-2013Structural basis for cofactor and substrate selection by cyanobacterium succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenaseYuan, Z.; Yin, B.; Wei, D.; Yuan, Y.R.A. 
17Feb-2009Structural basis for dsRNA recognition by NS1 protein of influenza A virusCheng, A.; Wong, S.M. ; Yuan, Y.A. 
182008Structural basis for RNA-silencing suppression by Tomato aspermy virus protein 2bChen, H.-Y.; Yang, J.; Lin, C. ; Yuan, Y.A. 
192006Structural biology of RNA silencing and its functional implicationsPatel, D.J.; Ma, J.-B.; Yuan, Y.-R. ; Ye, K.; Pei, Y.; Kuryavyi, V.; Malinina, L.; Meister, G.; Tuschl, T.
202006Structural biology of RNA silencing and its functional implicationsPatel, D.J.; Ma, J.-B.; Yuan, Y.-R. ; Ye, K.; Pei, Y.; Kuryavyi, V.; Malinina, L.; Meister, G.; Tuschl, T.