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1Oct-2011A Disalicylic Acid-Furanyl Derivative Inhibits Ephrin Binding to a Subset of Eph ReceptorsNoberini, R.; De, S.K.; Zhang, Z.; Wu, B.; Raveendra-Panickar, D.; Chen, V.; Vazquez, J.; Qin, H. ; Song, J. ; Cosford, N.D.P.; Pellecchia, M.; Pasquale, E.B.
21-Apr-2015A monoclonal antibody binds to threonine 49 in the non-structural 1 protein of influenza A virus and interferes with its ability to modulate viral replicationBarnwal, Bhaskar; Mok, Chee-Keng ; Wu, Jianping; Diwakar, Mandakhalikar Kedar; Gupta, Garvita; Zeng, Qi; Chow, Vincent Tak Kwong; Song, Jianxing ; Yuan, Y Adam; Tan, Yee-Joo 
32008A novel nucleolar transcriptional activator ApLLP for long-term memory formation is intrinsically unstructured but functionally activeLiu, J. ; Song, J. 
415-Aug-2012A small molecule agonist of EphA2 receptor tyrosine kinase inhibits tumor cell migration in vitro and prostate cancer metastasis in vivoPetty, A.; Myshkin, E.; Qin, H. ; Guo, H.; Miao, H.; Tochtrop, G.P.; Hsieh, J.-T.; Page, P.; Liu, L.; Lindner, D.J.; Acharya, C.; MacKerell Jr., A.D.; Ficker, E.; Song, J. ; Wang, B.
52019A unified mechanism for LLPS of ALS/FTLD-causing FUS as well as its modulation by ATP and oligonucleic acidsKang, J.; Lim, L. ; Lu, Y. ; Song, J. 
611-May-2012A β-sheet structure interacting peptide for intracellular protein delivery into human pluripotent stem cells and their derivativesLo, S.L.; Lua, S.; Song, J. ; Wang, S. 
72016ALS-Causing Mutations Significantly Perturb the Self-Assembly and Interaction with Nucleic Acid of the Intrinsically Disordered Prion-Like Domain of TDP-43Lim L. ; Wei Y.; Lu Y. ; Song J. 
815-Feb-2013ALS-causing P56S mutation and splicing variation on the hVAPB MSP domain transform its β-sandwich fold into lipid-interacting helical conformationsQin, H. ; Wang, W.; Song, J. 
92019ATP binds and inhibits the neurodegeneration-associated fibrillization of the FUS RRM domainKang, J.; Lim, L. ; Song, J. 
1010-Jun-2021ATP biphasically modulates LLPS of TDP-43 PLD by specifically binding arginine residuesDang, Mei ; Lim, Liangzhong ; Kang, Jian; Song, Jianxing 
112016C-Terminal Auto-Regulatory Motif of Hepatitis C Virus NS5B Interacts with Human VAPB-MSP to Form a Dynamic Replication ComplexGupta G.; Song J. 
122008Crystal structure and NMR binding reveal that two small molecule antagonists target the high affinity Ephrin-binding channel of the EphA4 receptorQin, H.; Shi, J. ; Song, J. ; Noberini, R.; Pasquale, E.B.
132004Dissection study on the severe acute respiratory syndrome 3C-like protease reveals the critical role of the extra domain in dimerization of the enzyme. Defining the extra domain as a new target for design of highly specific protease inhibitorsSong, J. ; Shi, J.; Wei, Z.
141-Jul-2012Distinctive binding of three antagonistic peptides to the ephrin-binding pocket of the EphA4 receptorLamberto, I.; Qin, H. ; Noberini, R.; Premkumar, L.; Bourgin, C.; Riedl, S.J.; Song, J. ; Pasquale, E.B.
152015Dynamic principle for designing antagonistic/agonistic molecules for EphA4 receptor, the only known ALS modifierQin, Haina ; Lim, Liang Zhong ; Song, Jianxing 
16Feb-2011Dynamically-driven inactivation of the catalytic machinery of the sars 3C-like protease by the N214A mutation on the extra domainShi, J. ; Han, N.; Lim, L. ; Lua, S.; Sivaraman, J. ; Wang, L.; Mu, Y.; Song, J. 
172010Elimination of the native structure and solubility of the hVAPB MSP domain by the Pro56Ser mutation that causes amyotrophic lateral sclerosisShi, J. ; Lua, S.; Tong, J.S. ; Song, J. 
1817-Jan-2012Fusion gene vectors allowing for simultaneous drug selection, cell labeling, and reporter assay in vitro and in vivoZhao, H. ; Hong, N.; Lu, W.; Zeng, H. ; Song, J. ; Hong, Y. 
192016Germline replacement by blastula cell transplantation in the fish medakaLi M.; Hong N. ; Xu H.; Song J. ; Hong Y. 
202008Identification and structural mechanism for a novel interaction between a ubiquitin ligase WWP1 and Nogo-A, a Key inhibitor for central nervous system regenerationQin, H. ; Li, M. ; Song, J. ; Pu, H.X.; Ahmed, S.