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Hong Yunhan
(not current staff)
Hong, Y.H.
Hong, Yunhan
Hong, Y.
Hong, Y.-H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
123-Dec-20083640 unique EST clusters from the medaka testis and their potential use for identifying conserved testicular gene expression in fish and mammalsLo, L. ; Zhang, Z.; Hong, N.; Peng, J. ; Hong, Y. 
2Apr-2010Accessibility of host cell lineages to medaka stem cells depends on genetic background and irradiation of recipient embryosHong, N.; Li, M. ; Zeng, Z. ; Yi, M. ; Deng, J.; Gui, J.; Winkler, C. ; Schartl, M.; Hong, Y. 
3Jul-2004Activation of the mouse Oct4 promoter in medaka embryonic stem cells and its use for ablation of spontaneous differentiationHong, Y. ; Winkler, C.; Liu, T. ; Chai, G.; Schartl, M.
4Jan-2014Alternative transcription generates multiple Mitf isoforms with different expression patterns and activities in medakaLi, M. ; Zhu, F. ; Hong, N.; Zhang, L.; Hong, Y. 
526-Jan-2012Augmenter of liver regeneration (alr) promotes liver outgrowth during zebrafish hepatogenesisLi, Y.; Farooq, M. ; Sheng, D.; Chandramouli, C.; Lan, T.; Mahajan, N.K.; Kini, R.M. ; Hong, Y. ; Lisowsky, T.; Ge, R. 
62016Autosomal gsdf acts as a male sex initiator in the fish medakaZhang, X ; Guan, G; Li, M; Zhu, F ; Liu, Q ; Naruse, K; Herpin, A; Nagahama, Y; Li, J; Hong, Y 
730-Jun-2009Boule is present in fish and bisexually expressed in adult and embryonic germ cells of MedakaXu, H. ; Li, Z. ; Li, M. ; Li, W.; Hong, Y. 
816-May-2012Chromosome evolution and genome miniaturization in minifishLiu, S.; Hui, T.H. ; Tan, S.L.; Hong, Y. 
92-Jan-2007Cloning and expression of medaka dazl during embryogenesis and gametogenesisXu, H. ; Li, M. ; Gui, J.; Hong, Y. 
102004Current Status of Medaka Genetics and Genomics. The Medaka Genome Initiative (MGI)Schartl, M.; Nanda, I.; Kondo, M.; Schmid, M.; Asakawa, S.; Sasaki, T.; Shimizu, N.; Henrich, T.; Wittbrodt, J.; Furutani-Seiki, M.; Kondoh, H.; Himmelbauer, H.; Hong, Y. ; Koga, A.; Nonaka, M.; Mitani, H.; Shima, A.
112016Dazl is a critical player for primordial germ cell formation in medakaLi, M ; Zhu, F ; Li, Z ; Hong, N ; Hong, Y 
12Aug-2010Derivation and characterization of haploid embryonic stem cell cultures in medaka fishYi, M. ; Hong, N.; Hong, Y. 
1312-Sep-2005Development and characterization of a continuous embryonic cell line from turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)Chen, S.-L.; Ren, G.-C.; Sha, Z.-X.; Hong, Y. 
1415-Nov-2002Development of a positive-negative selection procedure for gene targeting in fish cellsChen, S.; Hong, Y. ; Schartl, M.
152011Differential conservation and divergence of fertility genes boule and dazl in the rainbow troutLi, M. ; Shen, Q.; Xu, H. ; Wong, F.M.; Cui, J.; Li, Z. ; Hong, N.; Wang, L.; Zhao, H. ; Ma, B.; Hong, Y. 
162013Differential evolution of duplicated medakafish mitf genesLi, M. ; Zhu, F. ; Hong, Y. 
17Jul-2005Differential expression of vasa RNA and protein during spermatogenesis and oogenesis in the gibel carp (Carassius auratus gibelio), a bisexually and gynogenetically reproducing vertebrateXu, H. ; Gui, J.; Hong, Y. 
182008Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalytic mechanism of evolved Escherichia coli cells in microbial fuel cellsQiao, Y.; Li, C.M.; Bao, S.-J.; Lu, Z.; Hong, Y. 
1910-Jun-2014Direct gene disruption by TALENs in medaka embryosWang, T.; Hong, Y. 
20Oct-2012Efficient detection, quantification and enrichment of subtle allelic alterationsChen, J.; Zhang, X.; Wang, T.; Li, Z. ; Guan, G.; Hong, Y.