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Liu Tong Ming
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Liu, T.
Liu, T.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2004Activation of the mouse Oct4 promoter in medaka embryonic stem cells and its use for ablation of spontaneous differentiationHong, Y. ; Winkler, C.; Liu, T. ; Chai, G.; Schartl, M.
221-May-2004Establishment of a normal medakafish spermatogonial cell line capable of sperm production in vitroHong, Y. ; Liu, T. ; Zhao, H. ; Xu, H. ; Wang, W.; Liu, R.; Chen, T. ; Deng, J.; Gui, J.
32014Human finger-prick induced pluripotent stem cells facilitate the development of stem cell bankingTan H.-K.; Toh C.-X.D.; Ma D. ; Yang B.; Liu T.M. ; Lu J.; Wong C.-W. ; Tan T.-K.; Li H.; Syn C. ; Tan E.-L. ; Lim B. ; Lim Y.-P. ; Cook S.A. ; Loh Y.-H. 
415-Jan-2013Molecular basis of immortalization of human mesenchymal stem cells by combination of p53 knockdown and human telomerase reverse transcriptase overexpressionLiu, T.M. ; Ng, W.M.; Tan, H.S.; Vinitha, D.; Yang, Z. ; Fan, J.B.; Zou, Y.; Hui, J.H.; Lee, E.H.; Lim, B.
52011Sperm nuclear transfer and transgenic production in the fish medakaLiu, T. ; Liu, L.; Wei, Q.; Hong, Y. 
620-Jul-2012Temporal activation of β-catenin signaling in the chondrogenic process of mesenchymal stem cells affects the phenotype of the cartilage generatedYang, Z. ; Zou, Y.; Guo, X.M.; Tan, H.S.; Denslin, V.; Yeow, C.H. ; Ren, X.F.; Liu, T.M. ; Hui, J.H.; Lee, E.H.
71-Jun-2013Transcriptional regulatory cascades in Runx2-dependent bone developmentLiu, T.M. ; Lee, E.H.
8Sep-2011Zinc-finger protein 145, acting as an upstream regulator of SOX9, improves the differentiation potential of human mesenchymal stem cells for cartilage regeneration and repairLiu, T.M. ; Guo, X.M.; Tan, H.S.; Hui, J.H.; Lim, B.; Lee, E.H.