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11-Sep-2013A col10a1: NlGFP transgenic line displays putative osteoblast precursors at the medaka notochordal sheath prior to mineralizationRenn, J. ; Büttner, A.; To, T.T.; Chan, S.J.H.; Winkler, C. 
22015A multifunctional mutagenesis system for analysis of gene function in zebrafishQuach H.N.B.; Tao S. ; Vrljicak P.; Joshi A.; Ruan H.; Sukumaran R. ; Varshney G.K.; LaFave M.C.; Renn J.; Jun Y.; Brocher J.; Willems B.; Sheng Y.; Rajaei F.; Roy R.V.; Lim R.S.; Mahbob N.A.B.; Balasubramaniam K.; Kwun C.; Li N.X.; Teo E.; Hung K.J.; Koh E.; Wei S.Z.; Zainal N.Z.E.B.; Li R.; Liang K.W.; Teo M.; Burgess S.M.; Winkler C. ; Emelyanov A.; Parinov S.; Sampath K. ; The Ds Screen Team
3Apr-2010Accessibility of host cell lineages to medaka stem cells depends on genetic background and irradiation of recipient embryosHong, N.; Li, M. ; Zeng, Z. ; Yi, M. ; Deng, J.; Gui, J.; Winkler, C. ; Schartl, M.; Hong, Y. 
410-May-2013Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase Is Required for Neurogenesis in the Developing Central Nervous System of ZebrafishYao, S.; Cheng, M.; Zhang, Q.; Wasik, M.; Kelsh, R.; Winkler, C. 
55-May-2021Benzo[a]pyrene osteotoxicity and the regulatory roles of genetic and epigenetic factors: A reviewJiezhang Mo; Doris Wai-Ting Au; Jiahua Guo; Christoph Winkler ; R.Y.C. Kong; Frauke Seemann
6Apr-2010Characterization of collagen type 10a1 and osteocalcin in early and mature osteoblasts during skeleton formation in medakaRenn, J. ; Winkler, C. 
71-Jul-2011Combined in vivo imaging and omics approaches reveal metabolism of icaritin and its glycosides in zebrafish larvaeLi, Z.H.; Alex, D.; Siu, S.O.; Chu, I.K.; Renn, J. ; Winkler, C. ; Lou, S.; Tsui, S.K.-W.; Zhao, H.Y.; Yan, W.R.; Mahady, G.B.; Li, G.H.; Kwan, Y.W.; Wang, Y.T.; Lee, S.M.-Y.
815-Apr-2012Conditional ablation of osteoblasts in medakaWillems, B.; Büttner, A.; Huysseune, A.; Renn, J. ; Witten, P.E.; Winkler, C. 
92015Degenerate adaptor sequences for detecting PCR duplicates in reduced representation sequencing data improve genotype calling accuracyGraf M. ; Qi-Wen E.-R.T. ; Sarusie M.V. ; Rajaei F. ; Winkler C. 
101-Oct-2012Dynamic microtubules at the vegetal cortex predict the embryonic axis in zebrafishTran, L.D.; Hino, H.; Quach, H.; Lim, S.; Shindo, A.; Mimori-Kiyosue, Y.; Mione, M.; Ueno, N.; Winkler, C. ; Hibi, M.; Sampath, K. 
114-Jun-2021Effects of extended pharmacological disruption of zebrafish embryonic heart biomechanical environment on cardiac function, morphology, and gene expressionFoo, Yoke Yin ; Motakis, Efthymios ; Tiang, Zenia; Shen, Shuhao ; Lai, Jason Kuan Han ; Chan, Wei Xuan ; Wiputra, Hadi ; Chen, Nanguang ; Chen, Ching Kit ; Winkler, Christoph ; Foo, Roger Sik Yin ; Yap, Choon Hwai 
1211-Aug-2021Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Reveals Survival Motor Neuron Oligomerization but No Active Transport in Motor Axons of a Zebrafish Model for Spinal Muscular AtrophyKoh, Angela; Sarusie, Menachem Viktor ; Ohmer, Jurgen; Fischer, Utz; Winkler, Christoph ; Wohland, Thorsten 
132008Genetic analysis of somite formation in laboratory fish modelsWinkler, C. ; Elmasri, H.
149-Jan-2020Icariin reduces bone loss in a Rankl-induced transgenic medaka (Oryzias latipes) model for osteoporosisPham, Cuong; Pham, Thanh T; Lai, Thuy T; Trinh, Dat C; Nguyen, Huong VM; Ha, Tam TM; Phuong, Thuong T; Tran, Long D; Winkler, Christoph ; To, Thuy T 
152014Identification of a PRPF4 loss-of-function variant that abrogates U4/U6.U5 Tri-snRNP integration and is associated with retinitis pigmentosaLinder B.; Hirmer A.; Gal A.; R�ther K.; Bolz H.J.; Winkler C. ; Laggerbauer B.; Fischer U.
162007Inhibition of primordial germ cell proliferation by the medaka male determining gene Dmrt1bYHerpin, A; Schindler, D; Kraiss, A; Hornung, U; Winkler, C ; Schartl, M
17Jun-2012Interrelationship and modularity of notochord and somites: A comparative view on zebrafish and chicken vertebral body developmentde Azevedo, T.P.; Witten, P.E.; Huysseune, A.; Bensimon-Brito, A.; Winkler, C. ; To, T.T.; Palmeirim, I.
181-Nov-2019Lineage tracing of col10a1 cells identifies distinct progenitor populations for osteoblasts and joint cells in the regenerating fin of medaka (Oryzias latipes)Dasyani, Manish; Tan, Wen Hui ; Sundaram, Sudha ; Imangali, Nurgul; Centanin, Lazaro; Wittbrodt, Joachim; WINKLER,CHRISTOPH WOLFRAM 
192016Live imaging of osteoclast inhibition by bisphosphonates in a medaka osteoporosis modelYu, T; Witten, P.E; Huysseune, A; Buettner, A ; Thanh To, T ; Winkler, C 
202020Macrophages Switch to an Osteo-Modulatory Profile Upon RANKL Induction in a Medaka (Oryzias latipes) Osteoporosis ModelPhan, Q.T.; Liu, R.; Tan, W.H. ; Imangali, N.; Cheong, B.; Schartl, M.; Winkler, C.