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11-Sep-2013A col10a1: NlGFP transgenic line displays putative osteoblast precursors at the medaka notochordal sheath prior to mineralizationRenn, J. ; Büttner, A.; To, T.T.; Chan, S.J.H.; Winkler, C. 
2Apr-2010Characterization of collagen type 10a1 and osteocalcin in early and mature osteoblasts during skeleton formation in medakaRenn, J. ; Winkler, C. 
31-Jul-2011Combined in vivo imaging and omics approaches reveal metabolism of icaritin and its glycosides in zebrafish larvaeLi, Z.H.; Alex, D.; Siu, S.O.; Chu, I.K.; Renn, J. ; Winkler, C. ; Lou, S.; Tsui, S.K.-W.; Zhao, H.Y.; Yan, W.R.; Mahady, G.B.; Li, G.H.; Kwan, Y.W.; Wang, Y.T.; Lee, S.M.-Y.
415-Apr-2012Conditional ablation of osteoblasts in medakaWillems, B.; Büttner, A.; Huysseune, A.; Renn, J. ; Witten, P.E.; Winkler, C. 
5Oct-2012Macrophage-stimulating protein and calcium homeostasis in zebrafishHuitema, L.F.A.; Renn, J. ; Logister, I.; Gray, J.K.; Waltz, S.E.; Flik, G.; Schulte-Merker, S.
6Jan-2009Osterix-mCherry transgenic medaka for in vivo imaging of bone formationRenn, J. ; Winkler, C. 
7Jun-2012Osterix: NlGFP transgenic medaka identify regulatory roles for retinoic acid signaling during osteoblast differentiation in vivoRenn, J. ; Winkler, C. 
81-Jan-2012Rankl-induced osteoclastogenesis leads to loss of mineralization in a medaka osteoporosis modelTo, T.T.; Eckhard Witten, P.; Renn, J. ; Bhattacharya, D.; Huysseune, A.; Winkler, C. 
92008Retinoic acid and Cyp26b1 are critical regulators of osteogenesis in the axial skeletonSpoorendonk, K.M.; Peterson-Maduro, J.; Renn, J. ; Trowe, T.; Kranenbarg, S.; Winkler, C. ; Schulte-Merker, S.
10Nov-2007Skeletal deformations in medaka (Oryzias latipes) visualized by synchrotron radiation micro-computer tomography (SRμCT)Neues, F.; Goerlich, R.; Renn, J. ; Beckmann, F.; Epple, M.
112008Small fish species as powerful model systems to study vertebrate physiology in spaceAceto, J.; Muller, M.; Nourizadeh-Lillabadi, R.; Alestrom, P.; Van Loon, J.; Schiller, R.; Renn, J. ; Winkler, C.