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Nanguang Chen
Chen, N.
Chen, N.G.
Nanguang, C.

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12007A fast reconfigurable and area efficient encryption engine using partial reconfigurationYe, Z.; Fernando, S.D. ; Ha, Y. ; Chen, N. 
22010A large rotational angle micromirror based on hypocycloidal electrothermal actuators for endoscopic imagingMu, X.; Xu, Y.; Singh, J.; Chen, N. ; Feng, H.; Zhou, G. ; Yu, A.; Tan, C.W.; Chen, K.W.S.; Chau, F.S. 
31-Mar-2017A method to study the hemodynamics of chicken embryo's aortic arches using optical coherence tomographyKo, Zhen Yu Gordon ; Mehta, Kalpesh ; Jamil, Muhammad ; Yap, Choon Hwai ; Chen, Nanguang 
42007A novel implementation of time-domain diffusive optical tomographyMo, W.; Chen, N. 
51-Feb-2008A two axes scanning SOI MEMS micromirror for endoscopic bioimagingSingh, J.; Teo, J.H.S.; Xu, Y.; Premachandran, C.S.; Chen, N. ; Kotlanka, R.; Olivo, M.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
62014Advanced optical microscopy methods for in vivo imaging of sub-cellular structures in thick biological tissuesChen N. ; Rehman S. ; Sheppard C.J.R.
72012Advanced techniques in biomedical optical imagingChen, N. ; Yuan, B.; Jo, J.A.
82011An optimized engineering design of imaging probe for time-resolved diffuse optical tomography systemChen, L.; Hasnain, A.; Chen, N. 
92011An optimized engineering design of imaging probe for time-resolved diffuse optical tomography systemChen, L.; Hasnain, A.; Chen, N. 
101-Dec-2017Augmented line-scan focal modulation microscopy for multi-dimensional imaging of zebrafish heart &ITin vivo&ITPant, Shilpa ; Duan, Yubo ; Xiong, Fei ; Chen, Nanguang 
112009Bead-based DNA Microarray Fabricated on Porous Polymer FilmsCheng, J.T. ; Li, J.; Chen, N.G. ; Gopalakrishnakone, P.; Zhang, Y. 
1215-Aug-2007Binary-phase spatial filter for real-time swept-source optical coherence microscopyLiu, L.; Liu, C. ; Howe, W.C.; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Chen, N. 
132008Biocompatibility study of PEI-NaYF4: Yb,Er upconversion nanoparticlesZhang, Y. ; Rufaihah, A.J. ; Sim, E.K.W.; Ye, L.; Chen, N.G. 
14Dec-2020Cellular-resolution in vivo tomography in turbid tissue through digital aberration correctionBo, En; Ge, Xin; Luo, Yuemei; Wu, Xuan; Chen, Si; Liang, Haitao; Chen, Shufen; Yu, Xiaojun; Shum, Ping; Mo, Jianhua; Chen, Nanguang ; Liu, Linbo
151-Jan-2022Confocal laser speckle autocorrelation imaging of dynamic flow in microvasculatureDu, E; Shen, Shuhao ; Qiu, Anqi ; Chen, Nanguang 
16Apr-2011Considerations of aperture configuration in focal modulation microscopy from the standpoint of modulation depthGao, G. ; Chong, S.P.; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Chen, N. 
171-Apr-2007Controlled Monte Carlo method for light propagation in tissue of semi-infinite geometryChen, N. 
182006Controlled monte carlo method for reflection geometryChen, N. 
192013Dark-field circular depolarization optical coherence microscopyMehta, K.; Zhang, P.; Yeo, E.L.L.; Kah, J.C.Y.; Chen, N. 
2030-Jul-2019Data from: Three-dimensional cellular imaging in thick biological tissue with confocal detection of one-photon fluorescence in the near-infrared II windowWang, Menghan; Chen, Nanguang