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Title: Cloning and expression of medaka dazl during embryogenesis and gametogenesis
Authors: Xu, H. 
Li, M. 
Gui, J.
Hong, Y. 
Keywords: dazl
Germ cells
RNA-binding protein
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2007
Citation: Xu, H., Li, M., Gui, J., Hong, Y. (2007-01-02). Cloning and expression of medaka dazl during embryogenesis and gametogenesis. Gene Expression Patterns 7 (3) : 332-338. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The Deleted in azoospermia family consists of RNA-binding proteins Boule, Daz, and Daz-like (Dazl) that are expressed in the germline. Here, we report the cloning and expression of the medakafish (Oryzias latipes) dazl gene (odazl). Interestingly, although the predicted medaka Dazl protein (oDazl) contains a RRM motif and a DAZ repeat characteristic of its mammalian homologs, it lacks 80 aa at the C-terminus. By RT-PCR, RNA in situ hybridization, Western blotting and fluorescent immunohistochemistry using a rabbit anti-Dazl antibody (αDazl), we analyzed the expression patterns of odazl and its protein. The odazl transcript persists throughout embryogenesis and delineates with primordial germ cells. In adults, the expression of odazl RNA and its protein is restricted to germ cells of both the testis and ovary. We observed differential expression of RNA and protein at critical stages of gametogenesis. In the testis, the odazl RNA is low at premeiotic stages, abundant at meiotic stages, but absent in postmeiotic stages; whereas the oDazl protein is rich in premeiotic stages, reduced at meiotic stages, becomes barely detectable or absent in postmeiotic round spermatids or sperm, respectively. This is in sharp contrast to the human situation where the Dazl transcript and protein are present in mature spermatozoa. In the ovary, the odazl RNA and protein persist throughout oogenesis and also show differential expression at premeiotic, meiotic and postmeiotic stages. Thus, the odazl or its protein is a marker for germ cells during embryogenesis and at critical stages of gametogenesis in both sexes of medaka. © 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Source Title: Gene Expression Patterns
ISSN: 1567133X
DOI: 10.1016/j.modgep.2006.08.001
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