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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2013Baculoviral transduction facilitates TALEN-mediated targeted transgene integration and Cre/LoxP cassette exchange in human-induced pluripotent stem cellsZhu, H.; Lau, C.-H.; Goh, S.-L.; Liang, Q.; Chen, C.; Du, S.; Phang, R.-Z.; Tay, F.C.; Tan, W.-K.; Li, Z. ; Tay, J.C.-K.; Fan, W.; Wang, S. 
230-Jun-2009Boule is present in fish and bisexually expressed in adult and embryonic germ cells of MedakaXu, H. ; Li, Z. ; Li, M. ; Li, W.; Hong, Y. 
32016Dazl is a critical player for primordial germ cell formation in medakaLi, M ; Zhu, F ; Li, Z ; Hong, N ; Hong, Y 
42011Differential conservation and divergence of fertility genes boule and dazl in the rainbow troutLi, M. ; Shen, Q.; Xu, H. ; Wong, F.M.; Cui, J.; Li, Z. ; Hong, N.; Wang, L.; Zhao, H. ; Ma, B.; Hong, Y. 
5Oct-2012Efficient detection, quantification and enrichment of subtle allelic alterationsChen, J.; Zhang, X.; Wang, T.; Li, Z. ; Guan, G.; Hong, Y. 
62020Electroporation of NKG2D RNA CAR Improves V?9V?2 T Cell Responses against Human Solid Tumor XenograftsAng, W.X.; Ng, Y.Y. ; Xiao, L. ; Chen, C.; Li, Z. ; Chi, Z. ; Tay, J.C.-K. ; Tan, W.K.; Zeng, J.; Toh, H.C.; Wang, S. 
72011Fish stem cell culturesHong, N.; Li, Z. ; Hong, Y. 
82020Generation of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells with Low Immunogenicity from Human PBMC-Derived ?2 Microglobulin Knockout Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsZha, S.; Tay, J.C.-K. ; Zhu, S. ; Li, Z. ; Du, Z.; Wang, S. 
92011Identification of pluripotency genes in the fish medakaWang, D.; Manali, D.; Wang, T.; Bhat, N.; Hong, N.; Li, Z. ; Wang, L.; Yan, Y. ; Liu, R.; Hong, Y. 
102017Intraperitoneal immunotherapy with T cells stably and transiently expressing anti-EpCAM CAR in xenograft models of peritoneal carcinomatosisAng W.X.; Li Z. ; Chi Z. ; Du S.-H.; Chen C.; Tay J.C.K. ; Toh H.C.; Connolly J.E.; Xu X.H.; Wang S. 
112011Medaka cleavage embryos are capable of generating ES-like cell culturesLi, Z. ; Bhat, N.; Manali, D.; Wang, D.; Hong, N.; Yi, M. ; Ge, R. ; Hong, Y. 
12Oct-2009Medaka dead end encodes a cytoplasmic protein and identifies embryonic and adult germ cellsLiu, L.; Hong, N.; Xu, H. ; Li, M. ; Yan, Y. ; Purwanti, Y.; Yi, M. ; Li, Z. ; Wang, L.; Hong, Y. 
132015Medaka Oct4 is Essential for Pluripotency in Blastula Formation and ES Cell DerivationLiu Rong; Li, Mingyou ; Li, Zhendong ; Hong, Ni; Xu, Hongyan ; Hong, Yunhan 
142011Medaka tert produces multiple variants with differential expression during differentiation in vitro and in vivoRao, F.; Wang, T.; Li, M. ; Li, Z. ; Hong, N.; Zhao, H. ; Yan, Y. ; Lu, W.; Chen, T. ; Wang, W.; Lim, M.; Yuan, Y.; Liu, L.; Zeng, L.; Wei, Q.; Guan, G.; Li, C.; Hong, Y. 
15Mar-2012Mitf is a transcriptional activator of medaka germ genes in cultureZhao, H. ; Li, M. ; Purwanti, Y.I.; Liu, R.; Chen, T. ; Li, Z. ; Hong, N.; Guan, G.; Yin, A.; Xiao, L.; Ge, R. ; Song, J. ; Hong, Y. 
1616-Jun-2012Transient and stable GFP expression in germ cells by the vasa regulatory sequences from the red Seabream (Pagrus major)Lin, F.; Liu, Q.; Li, M. ; Li, Z. ; Hong, N.; Li, J.; Hong, Y. 
171-Jan-2022Vγ9Vδ2 T cells expressing a BCMA-Specific chimeric antigen receptor inhibit multiple myeloma xenograft growthZhang, X ; Ng, YY ; Du, Z ; Li, Z ; Chen, C; Xiao, L ; Chng, WJ ; Wang, S 
182013Zinc finger nuclease-expressing baculoviral vectors mediate targeted genome integration of reprogramming factor genes to facilitate the generation of human induced pluripotent stem cellsPhang, R.-Z.; Tay, F.C.; Goh, S.-L.; Lau, C.-H.; Zhu, H.; Tan, W.-K.; Liang, Q.; Chen, C.; Du, S.; Li, Z. ; Tay, J.C.-K.; Wu, C.; Zeng, J.; Fan, W.; Toh, H.C.; Wang, S.