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Ebstein Richard Paul
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Ebstein, R.P.
Ebstein, R.
Ebstein, Richard P.
Ebstein, R.E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2011All-trans retinoic acid upregulates reduced CD38 transcription in lymphoblastoid cell lines from autism spectrum disorderRiebold, M.; Mankuta, D.; Lere, E.; Israel, S.; Zhong, S. ; Nemanov, L.; Monakhov, M.V. ; Levi, S.; Yirmiya, N.; Yaari, M.; Malavasi, F.; Ebstein, R.P. 
26-Jun-2011Are retinoids potential therapeutic agents in disorders of social cognition including autism?Ebstein, R.P. ; Mankuta, D.; Yirmiya, N.; Malavasi, F.
3Sep-2013Association between DRD2/DRD4 interaction and conduct disorder: A potential developmental pathway to alcohol dependenceMota, N.R.; Bau, C.H.D.; Banaschewski, T.; Buitelaar, J.K.; Ebstein, R.P. ; Franke, B.; Gill, M.; Kuntsi, J.; Manor, I.; Miranda, A.; Mulas, F.; Oades, R.D.; Roeyers, H.; Rothenberger, A.; Sergeant, J.A.; Sonuga-Barke, E.J.; Steinhausen, H.-C.; Faraone, S.V.; Asherson, P.
42005AVPR1a and SLC6A4 gene polymorphisms are associated with creative dance performanceBachner-Melman R.; Dina C.; Zohar A.H.; Constantini N.; Lerer E.; Hoch S.; Sella S.; Nemanov L.; Gritsenko I.; Lichtenberg P.; Granot R.; Ebstein R.P. 
528-Sep-2011Avpr1a variant associated with preschoolers' lower altruistic behaviorAvinun, R.; Israel, S.; Shalev, I.; Gritsenko, I.; Bornstein, G.; Ebstein, R.P. ; Knafo, A.
6Feb-2013Boys' serotonin transporter genotype affects maternal behavior through self-control: A case of evocative gene-environment correlationPener-Tessler, R.; Avinun, R.; Uzefovsky, F.; Edelman, S.; Ebstein, R.P. ; Knafo, A.
7Nov-2013Candidate genetic pathways for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) show association to hyperactive/impulsive symptoms in children with ADHDBralten, J.; Franke, B.; Waldman, I.; Rommelse, N.; Hartman, C.; Asherson, P.; Banaschewski, T.; Ebstein, R.P. ; Gill, M.; Miranda, A.; Oades, R.D.; Roeyers, H.; Rothenberger, A.; Sergeant, J.A.; Oosterlaan, J.; Sonuga-Barke, E.; Steinhausen, H.-C.; Faraone, S.V.; Buitelaar, J.K.; Arias-Vásquez, A.
8Mar-2012Children's noncompliance during saliva collection predicts measures of salivary cortisolKaitz, M.; Sabato, R.; Shalev, I.; Ebstein, R. ; Mankuta, D.
913-Dec-2011Common oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) polymorphism and social support interact to reduce stress in humansChen, F.S.; Kumsta, R.; Von Dawans, B.; Monakhov, M. ; Ebstein, R.P. ; Heinrichs, M.
102010Copy number variation of the SELENBP1 gene in schizophreniaAmar S.; Ovadia O.; Maier W.; Ebstein R. ; Belmaker R.H.; Mishmar D.; Agam G.
112020Cumulative Risk on Oxytocin-Pathway Genes Impairs Default Mode Network Connectivity in Trauma-Exposed YouthZeev-Wolf, M.; Levy, J.; Ebstein, R.P. ; Feldman, R.
124-Jul-2013DAT1 Polymorphism Determines L-DOPA Effects on Learning about Others' ProsocialityEisenegger, C.; Pedroni, A.; Rieskamp, J.; Zehnder, C.; Ebstein, R. ; Fehr, E.; Knoch, D.
1328-Aug-2018Data from: Association between the dopamine D4 receptor gene exon III variable number of tandem repeats and political attitudes in female Han ChineseEbstein, Richard P. ; Monakhov, Mikhail V. ; Lu, Yunfeng ; Jiang, Yushi; Lai, Poh San ; Chew, Soo Hong 
14Nov-2011Defensive self-presentation style is associated with reduced prepulse inhibitionLevin, R.; Bachner-Melman, R.; Lichtenberg, P.; Edelman, S.; Ebstein, R.P. ; Heresco-Levy, U.
15Nov-2011Defensive self-presentation style is associated with reduced prepulse inhibitionLevin, R.; Bachner-Melman, R.; Lichtenberg, P.; Edelman, S.; Ebstein, R.P. ; Heresco-Levy, U.
162011Differential genetic susceptibility to child risk at birth in predicting observed maternal behaviorFortuna, K.; van IJzendoorn, M.H.; Mankuta, D.; Kaitz, M.; Avinun, R.; Ebstein, R.P. ; Knafo, A.
172015Dopamine D4 receptor gene and religious affiliation correlate with dictator game altruism in males and not females: Evidence for gender-sensitive gene ? culture interactionJiang Y.; Bachner-Melman R.; Chew S.H. ; Ebstein R.P. 
182013Dopamine Transporter Genotype Dependent Effects of Apomorphine on Cold Pain Tolerance in Healthy VolunteersTreister R.; Pud D.; Ebstein R.P. ; Eisenberg E.
1914-Nov-2012Epigenetic and Genetic Factors Predict Women's Salivary Cortisol following a Threat to the Social SelfEdelman, S.; Shalev, I.; Uzefovsky, F.; Israel, S.; Knafo, A.; Kremer, I.; Mankuta, D.; Kaitz, M.; Ebstein, R.P. 
202015Extreme Fragmentation in the Rey-Osterrieth complex figure test: a neuropsychological case study of a patient with anorexia nervosaHeled, Eyal; Hoofien, Dan; Bachar, Eylan; Gur, Eitan; Ebstein, Richard P.