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Ling Hui, Adeline Aw
Seow, A.
Seow, A.L.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11999A cross-sectional survey of physical activity among middle aged women in SingaporeLee, T.W.; Khor, W.B.; Tan, N.W.H.; Cheng, C.L.; Seow, A. ; Foo, S.C. 
2Nov-1998A randomized trial of the use of print material and personal contact to improve mammography uptake among screening non-attenders in SingaporeSeow, A. ; Straughan, P.T.; Ng, E.H.; Lee, H.P.
31-Feb-2003Angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) gene polymorphism and breast cancer risk among Chinese women in SingaporeKoh, W.-P. ; Yuan, J.-M.; Sun, C.-L.; Van den Berg, D.; Seow, A. ; Lee, H.-P. ; Yu, M.C.
4Aug-2012Aspirin and non-aspirin non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and risk of lung cancerLim, W.-Y. ; Chuah, K.L.; Eng, P.; Leong, S.S.; Lim, E.; Lim, T.K.; Ng, A.; Poh, W.T.; Tee, A.; Teh, M.; Salim, A. ; Seow, A. 
58-Nov-2021Association between family history and lung cancer risk among Chinese women in SingaporeYin, Xin; Chan, Cheryl Pui Yi; Seow, Adeline ; Yau, Wai-Ping ; Seow, Wei Jie 
62000Attitudes as barriers in breast screening: A prospective study among Singapore womenStraughan, P.T. ; Seow, A. 
7Nov-1990Awareness and acceptance of hepatitis B vaccination in Clementi, Singapore.Fong, N.P. ; Basir, H.; Seow, A. 
81995Barriers to mammography among Chinese women in Singapore: A focus group approachStraughan, P.T.; Seow, A. 
91995Beliefs and attitudes as determinants of cervical cancer screening: A community-based study in SingaporeSeow, A. ; Wong, M.L. ; Smith, W.C.S.; Lee, H.P. 
10Jan-1996Biomarkers: A molecular approach to cancer epidemiologyShi, C.Y. ; Seow, A. ; Lin, Y. ; Chia, K.S. ; Ong, C.N. ; Chan, S.H. ; Lee, H.P. 
11Jan-2012Biomass fuels and lung cancerLim, W.-Y. ; Seow, A. 
121996Breast cancer in Singapore: Trends in incidence 1968-1992Seow, A. ; Duffy, S.W.; McGee, M.A.; Lee, J.; Lee, H.P. 
13May-1992Cervical cancer: trends in incidence and mortality in Singapore 1968 to 1987.Seow, A. ; Chia, K.S. ; Lee, H.P. 
141-Aug-2008Changing patterns of Hodgkin lymphoma incidence in SingaporeHjalgrim, H.; Seow, A. ; Rostgaard, K.; Friborg, J.
1515-Sep-2008Chronic rhinosinusitis and risk of lung cancer in the Singapore Chinese Health StudyKoh, W.-P. ; Yuan, J.-M.; Wang, R.; Seow, A. ; Lee, H.-P. ; Yu, M.C.
161999Colorectal carcinoma among ethnic Chinese in Singapore: Trends in incidence rate by anatomic subsite from 1968 to 1992Huang, J.; Seow, A. ; Shi, C.Y. ; Lee, H.P. 
172000Correlation between acetylation phenotype and genotype in Chinese womenZhao, B. ; Seow, A. ; Lee, E.J.D.; Lee, H.-P. 
18Sep-1998Cross cultural adaptation and validation of the Chinese Health Assessment Questionnaire for use in rheumatoid arthritisKoh, E.T.; Seow, A. ; Pong, L.Y.; Koh, W.H.; Chan, L.; Howe, H.S.; Lim, T.H.; Low, C.K.
19May-2005CYP1A1 polymorphisms and risk of lung cancer in non-smoking Chinese women: Influence of environmental tobacco smoke exposure and GSTM1/T1 genetic variationNg, D.P.K. ; Tan, K.-W.; Zhao, B.; Seow, A. 
20May-2008CYP1A1, GSTM1, and GSTT1 polymorphisms, smoking, and lung cancer risk in a pooled analysis among Asian populationsLee, K.-M.; Kang, D.; Clapper, M.L.; Ingelman-Sundberg, M.; Ono-Kihara, M.; Kiyohara, C.; Min, S.; Lan, Q.; Le Marchand, L.; Lin, P.; Li Lung, M.; Pinarbasi, H.; Pisani, P.; Srivatanakul, P.; Seow, A. ; Sugimura, H.; Tokudome, S.; Yokota, J.; Taioli, E.