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Liu Guimei
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Guimei, L.
Liu, G.
Liu, Guimei


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011A case study on financial ratios via cross-graph quasi-bicliquesSim, K.; Liu, G. ; Gopalkrishnan, V.; Li, J.
22008A data mining proxy approach for efficient frequent itemset miningYu, J.X.; Li, Z.; Liu, G. 
32013A Flexible Approach to Finding Representative Pattern SetsLiu, Guimei ; Zhang, Haojun; Wong, Limsoon 
42008A new concise representation of frequent itemsets using generators and a positive borderLiu, G. ; Li, J.; Wong, L. 
5May-2013A Performance Study of Three Disk-based Structures for Indexing and Querying Frequent ItemsetsLiu, Guimei ; Suchitra, Andre; Wong, Limsoon 
62009A probabilistic graph-theoretic approach to integrate multiple predictions for the protein-protein subnetwork prediction challengeChua, H.N.; Hugo, W. ; Liu, G. ; Li, X.; Wong, L. ; Ng, S.-K.
72011An empirical comparison of several recent epistatic interaction detection methodsWang, Y. ; Liu, G. ; Feng, M.; Wong, L. 
82008Assessing and predicting protein interactions using both local and global network topological metrics.Liu, G. ; Li, J. ; Wong, L. 
92012AssocExplorer: An association rule visualization system for exploratory data analysisLiu, G. ; Suchitra, A.; Zhang, H.; Feng, M.; Ng, S.-K.; Wong, L. 
102009Complex discovery from weighted PPI networksLiu, G. ; Wong, L. ; Chua, H.N.
11Oct-2011Controlling False Positives in Association Rule MiningLiu, Guimei ; Zhang, Haojun; Wong, Limsoon 
122011Decomposing PPI networks for complex discoveryLiu, G. ; Yong, C.H.; Chua, H.N.; Wong, L. 
132007Distance based subspace clustering with flexible dimension partitioningLiu, G. ; Li, J.; Sim, K.; Wong, L. 
142008Effective pruning techniques for mining quasi-cliquesLiu, G. ; Wong, L. 
152009Efficient mining of distance-based subspace clustersLiu, G. ; Sim, K.; Li, J.; Wong, L. 
162007Efficient service data management in dynamic environmentXiaoling, W.; Aoying, Z.; Guimei, L. 
172010Efficiently finding the best parameter for the emerging pattern-based classifier PCLNgo, T.-S. ; Feng, M.; Liu, G. ; Wong, L. 
182010FastTagger: An efficient algorithm for genome-wide tag SNP selection using multi-marker linkage disequilibriumLiu, G. ; Wang, Y. ; Wong, L. 
192012Finding minimum representative pattern setsLiu, G. ; Zhang, H.; Wong, L. 
202007Maximal biclique subgraphs and closed pattern pairs of the adjacency matrix: A one-to-one correspondence and mining algorithmsLi, J.; Liu, G. ; Li, H.; Wong, L.