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Cheong, J.K.
Cheong Jit Kong
Cheong, J.K.


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1Feb-2013Ablation of TRIP-Br2, a regulator of fat lipolysis, thermogenesis and oxidative metabolism, prevents diet-induced obesity and insulin resistanceLiew, C.W.; Boucher, J.; Cheong, J.K. ; Vernochet, C.; Koh, H.-J.; Mallol, C.; Townsend, K.; Langin, D.; Kawamori, D.; Hu, J.; Tseng, Y.-H.; Hellerstein, M.K.; Farmer, S.R.; Goodyear, L.; Doria, A.; Blüher, M.; Hsu, S.I.-H.; Kulkarni, R.N.
22011Association of KLK3 (PSA) genetic variants with prostate cancer risk and PSA levelsPenney, K.L.; Schumacher, F.R.; Kraft, P.; Mucci, L.A.; Sesso, H.D.; Ma, J.; Niu, Y.; Cheong, J.K. ; Hunter, D.J.; Stampfer, M.J.; Hsu, S.I.
3Apr-2011Casein kinase 1: Complexity in the familyCheong, J.K. ; Virshup, D.M. 
42015Casein kinase 1α-dependent feedback loop controls autophagy in RAS-driven cancersCheong Jit Kong ; Zhang Fuquan ; Chua Pei Jou ; Bay Boon Huat ; Thorburn Andrew; Virshup David M. 
530-Sep-2019Micromanaging autophagy with microRNAs to drive cancer metastasisENG WEE LING GRACIE ; VENETIA KOK JING TONG ; CHEONG JIT KONG 
61-Oct-2020MicroRNAs in chronic airway diseases: Clinical correlation and translational applicationsTan, BWQ; Sim, WL; Cheong, JK ; Kuan, WS ; Tran, T ; Lim, HF 
72018Oncogenic RAS-induced CK1? drives nuclear FOXO proteolysisZhang, F ; Virshup, D.M ; Cheong, J.K 
82015Pyrvinium selectively targets blast phase-chronic myeloid leukemia through inhibition of mitochondrial respirationXiang W.; Cheong J.K. ; Ang S.H. ; Teo B.; Xu P. ; Asari K.; Sun W.T. ; Than H.; Bunte R.M. ; Virshup D.M. ; Chuah C. 
92009TRIP-Br2 promotes oncogenesis in nude mice and is frequently overexpressed in multiple human tumorsCheong, J.K. ; Gunaratnam, L.; Zang, Z.J.; Sun, X.; Nasr, S.L.; Bonventre, J.V.; Hsu, S.I. ; Yang, C.M. ; Sim, K.G. ; Peh, B.K. ; Rashid, S.B.A.; Salto-Tellez, M.