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12010Alkylation of the tumor suppressor PTEN activates Akt and β-catenin signaling: A mechanism linking inflammation and oxidative stress with cancerCovey, T.M. ; Edes, K.; Coombs, G.S. ; Virshup, D.M. ; Fitzpatrick, F.A.
22018Bone loss from Wnt inhibition mitigated by concurrent alendronate therapyMadan, B ; McDonald, M.J; Foxa, G.E; Diegel, C.R; Williams, B.O; Virshup, D.M 
325-Sep-2009Carteriosulfonic acids A-C, GSK-3β inhibitors from a Carteriospongia sp.McCulloch, M.W.B.; Bugni, T.S.; Concepcion, G.P.; Coombs, G.S. ; Harper, M.K.; Kaur, S. ; Mangalindan, G.C.; Mutizwa, M.M.; Veltri, C.A.; Virshup, D.M. ; Ireland, C.M.
4Apr-2011Casein kinase 1: Complexity in the familyCheong, J.K. ; Virshup, D.M. 
52015Casein kinase 1α-dependent feedback loop controls autophagy in RAS-driven cancersCheong Jit Kong ; Zhang Fuquan ; Chua Pei Jou ; Bay Boon Huat ; Thorburn Andrew; Virshup David M. 
611-Dec-2007Control of mitotic exit by PP2A regulation of Cdc25C and Cdk1Forester, C.M.; Maddox, J.; Louis, J.V.; Goris, J.; Virshup, D.M. 
72016Crystal structure of a PP2A B56-BubR1 complex and its implications for PP2A substrate recruitment and localizationWang, J; Wang, Z; Yu, T; Yang, H; Virshup, D.M ; Kops, G.J.P.L; Lee, S.H ; Zhou, W; Li, X; Xu, W; Rao, Z
82016Distinct routes to metastasis: Plasticity-dependent and plasticity-independent pathwaysSomarelli, J.A; Schaeffer, D; Marengo, M.S; Bepler, T; Rouse, D; Ware, K.E; Hish, A.J; Zhao, Y; Buckley, A.F; Epstein, J.I; Armstrong, A.J; Virshup, D.M ; Garcia-Blanco, M.A
913-Mar-2009From Promiscuity to Precision: Protein Phosphatases Get a MakeoverVirshup, D.M. ; Shenolikar, S.
1024-May-2021Hematopoietic Wnts Modulate Endochondral Ossification During Fracture HealingChua, Kenon; Lee, Victor K ; Chan, Cheri; Yew, Andy; Yeo, Eric ; Virshup, David M 
1115-May-2009Keeping the Beat in the Rising HeatVirshup, D.M. ; Forger, D.B.
122017Molecular mechanisms regulating temperature compensation of the circadian clockNarasimamurthy, R ; Virshup, D.M 
132016NOTUM is a potential pharmacodynamic biomarker of wnt pathway inhibitionMadan, B ; Ke, Z; Lei, Z.D ; Oliver, F.A ; Oshima, M; Lee, M.A; Rozen, S ; Virshup, D.M 
142018Oncogenic RAS-induced CK1? drives nuclear FOXO proteolysisZhang, F ; Virshup, D.M ; Cheong, J.K 
153-Apr-2018PDGFR alpha(+) pericryptal stromal cells are the critical source of Wnts and RSPO3 for murine intestinal stem cells in vivoGreicius, Gediminas ; Kabiri, Zahra ; Sigmundsson, Kristmundur ; Liang, Chao ; Bunte, Ralph ; Singh, Manvendra K ; Virshup, David M 
162004Phosphopeptide mapping of proteins ectopically expressed in tissue culture cell linesFirulli B.A.; Virshup D.M. ; Firulli A.B.
1715-Mar-2009Psammaplin A as a general activator of cell-based signaling assays via HDAC inhibition and studies on some bromotyrosine derivativesMcCulloch, M.W.B.; Coombs, G.S. ; Banerjee, N.; Bugni, T.S.; Cannon, K.M.; Harper, M.K.; Veltri, C.A.; Virshup, D.M. ; Ireland, C.M.
182015Pyrvinium selectively targets blast phase-chronic myeloid leukemia through inhibition of mitochondrial respirationXiang W.; Cheong J.K. ; Ang S.H. ; Teo B.; Xu P. ; Asari K.; Sun W.T. ; Than H.; Bunte R.M. ; Virshup D.M. ; Chuah C. 
192007Reversible protein phosphorylation regulates circadian rhythmsVirshup, D.M. ; Eide, E.J.; Forger, D.B.; Gallego, M.; Vielhaber Harnish, E.
2010-Apr-2008Setting Clock Speed in Mammals: The CK1ε tau Mutation in Mice Accelerates Circadian Pacemakers by Selectively Destabilizing PERIOD ProteinsMeng, Q.-J.; Logunova, L.; Maywood, E.S.; Gallego, M.; Lebiecki, J.; Brown, T.M.; Sládek, M.; Semikhodskii, A.S.; Glossop, N.R.J.; Piggins, H.D.; Chesham, J.E.; Bechtold, D.A.; Yoo, S.-H.; Takahashi, J.S.; Virshup, D.M. ; Boot-Handford, R.P.; Hastings, M.H.; Loudon, A.S.I.