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12010Alkylation of the tumor suppressor PTEN activates Akt and β-catenin signaling: A mechanism linking inflammation and oxidative stress with cancerCovey, T.M. ; Edes, K.; Coombs, G.S. ; Virshup, D.M. ; Fitzpatrick, F.A.
225-Sep-2009Carteriosulfonic acids A-C, GSK-3β inhibitors from a Carteriospongia sp.McCulloch, M.W.B.; Bugni, T.S.; Concepcion, G.P.; Coombs, G.S. ; Harper, M.K.; Kaur, S. ; Mangalindan, G.C.; Mutizwa, M.M.; Veltri, C.A.; Virshup, D.M. ; Ireland, C.M.
3Apr-2011Casein kinase 1: Complexity in the familyCheong, J.K. ; Virshup, D.M. 
42015Casein kinase 1α-dependent feedback loop controls autophagy in RAS-driven cancersCheong Jit Kong ; Zhang Fuquan ; Chua Pei Jou ; Bay Boon Huat ; Thorburn Andrew; Virshup David M. 
511-Dec-2007Control of mitotic exit by PP2A regulation of Cdc25C and Cdk1Forester, C.M.; Maddox, J.; Louis, J.V.; Goris, J.; Virshup, D.M. 
613-Mar-2009From Promiscuity to Precision: Protein Phosphatases Get a MakeoverVirshup, D.M. ; Shenolikar, S.
715-May-2009Keeping the Beat in the Rising HeatVirshup, D.M. ; Forger, D.B.
82004Phosphopeptide mapping of proteins ectopically expressed in tissue culture cell linesFirulli B.A.; Virshup D.M. ; Firulli A.B.
915-Mar-2009Psammaplin A as a general activator of cell-based signaling assays via HDAC inhibition and studies on some bromotyrosine derivativesMcCulloch, M.W.B.; Coombs, G.S. ; Banerjee, N.; Bugni, T.S.; Cannon, K.M.; Harper, M.K.; Veltri, C.A.; Virshup, D.M. ; Ireland, C.M.
102007Reversible protein phosphorylation regulates circadian rhythmsVirshup, D.M. ; Eide, E.J.; Forger, D.B.; Gallego, M.; Vielhaber Harnish, E.
1110-Apr-2008Setting Clock Speed in Mammals: The CK1ε tau Mutation in Mice Accelerates Circadian Pacemakers by Selectively Destabilizing PERIOD ProteinsMeng, Q.-J.; Logunova, L.; Maywood, E.S.; Gallego, M.; Lebiecki, J.; Brown, T.M.; Sládek, M.; Semikhodskii, A.S.; Glossop, N.R.J.; Piggins, H.D.; Chesham, J.E.; Bechtold, D.A.; Yoo, S.-H.; Takahashi, J.S.; Virshup, D.M. ; Boot-Handford, R.P.; Hastings, M.H.; Loudon, A.S.I.
122015TP53 intron 1 hotspot rearrangements are specific to sporadic osteosarcoma and can cause Li-Fraumeni syndromeRibi S.; Baumhoer D.; Lee K.; Edison ; Teo A.S.; Madan B.; Zhang K.; Kohlmann W.K.; Yao F.; Lee W.H.; Hoi Q.; Cai S.; Woo X.Y.; Tan P.; Jundt G.; Smida J.; Nathrath M.; Sung W.-K.; Schiffman J.D.; Virshup D.M. ; Hillmer A.M.
1322-Mar-2016Wnt inhibition enhances browning of mouse primary white adipocytesKinyui Alice Lo; Pei Yi Ng; Zahra Kabiri ; David M Virshup ; Lei Sun 
142008Wnt signaling in development, disease and translational medicineCoombs, G.S. ; Covey, T.M. ; Virshup, D.M.