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Katannya Kapeli
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Distinct and shared functions of ALS-associated proteins TDP-43, FUS and TAF15 revealed by multisystem analysesKapeli, K ; Pratt, G.A; Vu, A.Q; Hutt, K.R; Martinez, F.J; Sundararaman, B; Batra, R; Freese, P; Lambert, N.J; Huelga, S.C; Chun, S.J; Liang, T.Y; Chang, J; Donohue, J.P; Shiue, L; Zhang, J; Zhu, H; Cambi, F; Kasarskis, E; Hoon, S; Ares, M; Burge, C.B; Ravits, J; Rigo, F; Yeo, G.W 
22017Genetic mutations in RNA-binding proteins and their roles in ALSKapeli, K ; Martinez, F.J; Yeo, G.W 
32012Genome-wide approaches to dissect the roles of RNA binding proteins in translational control: Implications for neurological diseasesKapeli, K ; Yeo, G.W
42019Overriding FUS autoregulation in mice triggers gain-of-toxic dysfunctions in RNA metabolism and autophagy-lysosome axisLing, S.-C. ; Dastidar, S.G.; Tokunaga, S.; Ho, W.Y. ; Lim, K. ; Ilieva, H.; Parone, P.A.; Tyan, S.-H. ; Tse, T.M. ; Chang, J.-C.; Platoshyn, O.; Bui, N.B.; Bui, A.; Vetto, A.; Sun, S.; McAlonis-Downes, M.; Han, J.S.; Swing, D.; Kapeli, K. ; Yeo, G.W. ; Tessarollo, L.; Marsala, M.; Shaw, C.E.; Tucker-Kellogg, G. ; La Spada, A.R.; Lagier-Tourenne, C.; Da Cruz, S.; Cleveland, D.W.
52018Tissue-selective restriction of RNA editing of CaV1.3 by splicing factor SRSF9Huang, H. ; Kapeli, K. ; Jin, W. ; Wong, Y.P. ; Arumugam, T.V. ; Koh, J.H. ; Srimasorn, S. ; Mallilankaraman, K. ; En Chua, J.J. ; Yeo, G.W. ; Soong, T.W.