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11-Nov-2019C9orf72 intermediate repeats are associated with corticobasal degeneration, increased C9orf72 expression and disruption of autophagyCali, Christopher P; Patino, Maribel; Tai, Yee Kit ; Ho, Wan Yun ; McLean, Catriona A; Morris, Christopher M; Seeley, William W; Miller, Bruce L; Gaig, Carles; Vonsattel, Jean Paul G; White, Charles L; Roeber, Sigrun; Kretzschmar, Hans; Troncoso, Juan C; Troakes, Claire; Gearing, Marla; Ghetti, Bernardino; Van Deerlin, Vivianna M; Lee, Virginia M-Y; Trojanowski, John Q; Mok, Kin Y; Ling, Helen; Dickson, Dennis W; Schellenberg, Gerard D; Ling, Shuo-Chien ; Lee, Edward B
22020Deregulated expression of a longevity gene, Klotho, in the C9orf72 deletion mice with impaired synaptic plasticity and adult hippocampal neurogenesisHo, W.Y. ; Navakkode, Sheeja ; Liu, F. ; Soong, Tuck Wah ; Ling, S.-C. 
323-Jun-2019Elevated FUS levels by overriding its autoregulation produce gain-of-toxicity properties that disrupt protein and RNA homeostasisWan Yun Ho ; Shuo-Chien Ling 
48-Feb-2021Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)Ling Shuo-Chien ; HO WAN YUN 
52019Overriding FUS autoregulation in mice triggers gain-of-toxic dysfunctions in RNA metabolism and autophagy-lysosome axisLing, S.-C. ; Dastidar, S.G.; Tokunaga, S.; Ho, W.Y. ; Lim, K. ; Ilieva, H.; Parone, P.A.; Tyan, S.-H. ; Tse, T.M. ; Chang, J.-C.; Platoshyn, O.; Bui, N.B.; Bui, A.; Vetto, A.; Sun, S.; McAlonis-Downes, M.; Han, J.S.; Swing, D.; Kapeli, K. ; Yeo, G.W. ; Tessarollo, L.; Marsala, M.; Shaw, C.E.; Tucker-Kellogg, G. ; La Spada, A.R.; Lagier-Tourenne, C.; Da Cruz, S.; Cleveland, D.W.
64-May-2019The ALS-FTD-linked gene product, C9orf72, regulates neuronal morphogenesis via autophagyHO, WAN YUN ; TAI, YEE KIT ; CHANG, JER-CHERNG ; LIANG, JASON; TYAN, SHEUE-HOUY ; CHEN, SONG; GUAN, JUN-LIN; ZHOU, HUILIN; SHEN, HAN-MING ; KOO, EDWARD ; LING, SHUO-CHIEN