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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2021Adaptive governance of autonomous vehicles: Accelerating the adoption of disruptive technologies in SingaporeTan, Si Ying ; Taeihagh, Araz 
22-Apr-2018Bureaucratic Autonomy and Policy Capacity in the Implementation of Capitation Payment Systems in Primary Healthcare: Comparative Case Studies of Three Districts in Central Java, IndonesiaSi Ying Tan 
31-Jan-2023Data Sharing in Disruptive Technologies: Lessons from Adoption of Autonomous Systems in SingaporeTan, SY ; Taeihagh, A ; Pande, D
428-Oct-2021Governance of assisted living in long-term care: A systematic literature reviewPoh, Luting ; Tan, Si-Ying ; Lim, Jeremy 
516-Jun-2020Governing the adoption of robotics and autonomous systems in long-term care in SingaporeTan, Si Ying ; Taeihagh, Araz 
61-Jun-2021How transboundary learning occurs: Case study of the asean smart cities network (ascn)Tan, SY ; Taeihagh, A ; Sha, K
71-Oct-2019Implementation of Provider Payment System Reforms in the Age of Universal Health Coverage: A Realist Review of Evidence from Asian Developing CountriesSi Ying Tan ; GJ Melendez-Torres; Tikki Pang 
8Dec-2021Linking political exposures to child and maternal health outcomes: a realist reviewBarnish, Maxwell S; Tan, Si Ying ; Taeihagh, Araz ; Tørnes, Michelle; Nelson-Horne, Rebecca VH; Melendez-Torres, GJ
925-Jan-2020Smart City Governance in Developing Countries: A Systematic Literature ReviewTan Si Ying ; Taeihagh Araz 
10Sep-2022What factors drive policy transfer in smart city development? Insights from a Delphi studyLi, Lili ; Taeihagh, Araz ; Tan, Si Ying