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Elka Pangestu Tikki
Pang, Tikki
Pangestu, Tikki Elka


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A call for global governance of biobanks [Un appel a la gouvernance mondiale des biobanques] [Un llamamiento a la gobernanza mundial de los biobancos]Chen, Haidan; Pang, Tikki 
22005A mass vaccination campaign targeting adults and children to prevent typhoid fever in Hechi; Expanding the use of Vi polysaccharide vaccine in Southeast China: A cluster-randomized trialYang, J; Acosta, C.J; Si, G.-A; Zeng, J; Li, C.-Y; Liang, D; Ochiai, R.L; Page, A.-L; Danovaro-Holliday, M.C; Zhang, J; Zhou, B.-D; Liao, H.-Z; Wang, M.-L; Tan, D.-M; Tang, Z.-Z; Gong, J; Park, J.-K; Ali, M; Ivanoff, B; Liang, G.-C; Yang, H.-H; Pang, T ; Xu, Z.-Y; Donner, A; Galindo, C.M; Dong, B.-Q; Clemens, J.D
32010Defining research to improve health systemsRemme J.H.F.; Adam T.; Becerra-Posada F.; D'Arcangues C.; Devlin M.; Gardner C.; Ghaffar A.; Hombach J.; Kengeya J.F.K.; Mbewu A.; Mbizvo M.T.; Mirza Z.; Pang T. ; Ridley R.G.; Zicker F.; Terry R.F.
42016Evidence for Health I: Producing evidence for improving health and reducing inequitiesAndermann, A; Pang, T ; Newton, J.N; Davis, A; Panisset, U
52016Evidence for Health II: Overcoming barriers to using evidence in policy and practiceAndermann, A; Pang, T ; Newton, J.N; Davis, A; Panisset, U
62016Evidence for Health III: Making evidence-informed decisions that integrate values and contextAndermann, A; Pang, T ; Newton, J.N; Davis, A; Panisset, U
72015Governance within the World Health Assembly: A 13-year analysis of WHO Member States' contribution to global health governancevan der Rijt, Tess; Pangestu, Tikki Elka 
82012Guidance for evidence-informed policies about health systems: Rationale for and challenges of guidance developmentBosch-Capblanch X.; Lavis J.N.; Lewin S.; Atun R.; Røttingen J.-A.; Dröschel D.; Beck L.; Abalos E.; El-Jardali F.; Gilson L.; Oliver S.; Wyss K.; Tugwell P.; Kulier R.; Pang T. ; Haines A.
91-Oct-2019Implementation of Provider Payment System Reforms in the Age of Universal Health Coverage: A Realist Review of Evidence from Asian Developing CountriesSi Ying Tan ; GJ Melendez-Torres; Tikki Pang 
102006Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: IntroductionOxman, A.D; Fretheim, A; Schünemann, H.J; Haines, A; Langer, A; Pang, T ; Panisset, U; Whitworth, J
112016Is the global health community prepared for future pandemics? A need for solidarity, resources and strong governancePang, T 
122006Lessons and implications from a mass immunization campaign in squatter settlements of Karachi, Pakistan: An experience from a cluster-randomized double-blinded vaccine trial [NCT00125047]Khan, M.I; Ochiai, R.L; Hamzal, H.B; Sahito, S.M; Habib, M.A; Soofi, S.B; Bhutto, N.S; Rasool, S; Puri, M.K; Ali, M; Wasan, S.M; Khan, M.J; Abu-Elyazeed, R; Ivanoff, B; Galindo, C.M; Pang, T ; Donner, A; Von Seidlein, L; Acosta, C.J; Clemens, J.D; Nizami, S.Q; Bhutta, Z.A
132012Point-of-care tests to strengthen health systems and save newborn lives: The case of syphilisMabey D.C.; Sollis K.A.; Kelly H.A.; Benzaken A.S.; Bitarakwate E.; Changalucha J.; Chen X.-S.; Yin Y.-P.; Garcia P.J.; Strasser S.; Chintu N.; Pang T. ; Terris-Prestholt F.; Sweeney S.; Peeling R.W.
142018Progress in Tobacco Control in Singapore: Lessons and Challenges in the Implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco ControlAmul, G.G.H. ; Pangestu Pang, T. 
152018Rapid guidelines - timely and important guidance needed for setting standards and best practicesPang, T ; Amul, G.G.H 
162018Regional Health Security: An Overview of Strengthening ASEAN’s Capacities for the International Health RegulationsGianna Gayle Herrera Amul; Pangestu, Tikki 
172-Sep-2021Residence in infected neighborhoods and fertility decline during the Zika epidemic in SingaporeTan Poh Lin ; Tikki Pang 
181-May-2019Southeast Asia Strategic Multilateral Dialogue on BiosecurityAnita Cicero; Diane Meyer; Matthew P. Shearer; Sazaly AbuBakar; Ken Bernard; W. Seth Carus; Chee Kheong Chong; Julie Fischer; Noreen Hynes; Tom Inglesby; Chong Guan Kwa; Irma Makalinao; Tikki Pangestu ; Ratna Sitompul; Amin Soebandrio; Pratiwi Sudarmono; Daniel Tjen; Suwit Wibulpolprasert; Zalini Yunus
192018The State of Tobacco Control in ASEAN: Framing the Implementation of the FCTC from a Health Systems PerspectiveAmul, G.G.H. ; Pang, T.P. 
202011Who/PLoS Collection "No Health Without Research": A Call for PapersPang T. ; Terry R.F.; The PLoS Medicine Editors PLoS Medicine