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Poh Lin, Jennifer Tan
Tan, Poh Lin
Tan, P.L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2016A Case for "Reverse One-Child" Policies in Japan and South Korea? Examining the Link Between Education Costs and Lowest-Low FertilityTan P.L. ; Morgan S.P.; Zagheni E.
226-Jan-2023Access to Ovulation Tests and Strategic Timing of Intercourse in a Low Fertility ContextTan Poh Lin ; Jeremy W Lim-Soh
31-Aug-2020Breadth of University Curriculum and Labor Market OutcomesKelvin K.C. Seah ; Jessica Pan ; Poh Lin Tan 
412-Dec-2021Changes in Frequency and Patterns of Martial Sexual Activity During COVID-19 Evidence from Longitudinal Data Prior to, During and After Lockdown in SingaporeTAN, Poh Lin 
57-Feb-2023Changes in Working Women’s Self-Reported Subjective Wellbeing and Quality of Interpersonal Relationships During COVID-19: A Quantitative Comparison of Essential and Non-essential Workers in SingaporeTan Poh Lin ; Jeremy W Lim-Soh
61-Dec-2018Dual Burdens of Care: "Sandwiched Couples" in East AsiaTan P.L. 
727-Jan-2021Fortunes of Dragons: Cohort size effects on life outcomesAgarwal Sumit ; QIAN WENLAN ; SING TIEN FOO ; TAN POH LIN, JENNIFER 
826-Oct-2020Fortunes of Dragons: Cohort Size Effects on Life Outcomes (Fortunes of Dragons)Sumit Agarwal ; Qian Wenlan ; Sing Tien Foo ; Tan Poh Lin 
92021Ideal and Actual Intervals to First Birth in SingaporePoh Lin Tan 
1010-Feb-2023Long-term effects of air pollution on Singapore’s national university admissionsSumit Agarwal ; Tan Poh Lin ; Jie-Sheng Tan-Soo 
1110-Jul-2023Managing Ever-Rising Ages at Childbearing in Low Fertility AsiaPoh Lin Tan 
122-Sep-2021Residence in infected neighborhoods and fertility decline during the Zika epidemic in SingaporeTan Poh Lin ; Tikki Pang 
1326-Jun-2020Sibling Spillovers: Having an Academically Successful Older Sibling May be More Important for Children in Disadvantaged FamiliesTan Poh Lin, Jennifer ; Zang, Emma; Cook, Philip J
1426-Oct-2020Stress, fatigue, and sexual spontaneity among married couples in a high-stress society: Evidence from sex diary data from SingaporeTan Poh Lin 
151-Apr-2017The impact of school entry laws on female education and teenage fertilityTan P.L. 
1630-May-2022Weathering the Storm: Longitudinal Evidence on Women's Changing Family Relationships During COVID-19JW Lim-Soh; Poh Lin Tan