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Tien Foo Sing
Foo, T.F.
Sing, T.-F.
Sing, T.F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2012A real option approach to pricing embedded options in retail leasesSing, T.F. 
22004Analysis of credit risks in asset-backed securitization transactions in SingaporeSing, T.F. ; Ong, S.E. ; Fan, G. ; Sirmans, C.F.
3Apr-2013Are REITs a good shelter from financial crises? Evidence from the Asian marketsChiang, M.-C.; Tsai, I.-C.; Sing, T.-F. 
42006Asset allocation: International real estate investment strategy under a workable analytic hierarchy process (AHP)Hin, K.; Ho, D. ; Ong, S.E. ; Sing, T.F. 
52003Asset-Backed Securitization in Singapore: Value of Embedded Buy-Back OptionsSing, T.F. ; Ong, S.E. ; Sirmans, C.F.
61-Jan-2021Boosted Tree Ensembles for Artificial Intelligence Based Automated Valuation Models (AI-AVM)Sing, TF ; Yang, JJ ; Yu, SM 
72013Collective Action Dilemmas in Condominium ManagementChu, F.-N.; Chang, C.-O.; Sing, T.F. 
82004Common risk factors and risk premia in direct and securitized real estate marketsSing, T.F. 
92006Common structural time series components in inflation and residential property pricesChen, M.-C.; Sing, T.F. 
102015Contagion and downside risk in the reit market during the subprime mortgage crisisChen, M.-C; Tsai, H.-J; Sing, T.-F ; Yang, C.-Y
112012Default Clustering Risks in Commercial Mortgage-Backed SecuritiesFan, G.-Z.; Sing, T.F. ; Ong, S.E. 
122007Delinquency and default in arms: The effects of protected equity and loss aversionOng, S.E. ; Sing, T.F. ; Teo, A.H.L.
132014Developer Heterogeneity and Competitive Land BiddingDong, Z.; Sing, T.F. 
142008Does real estate ownership matter in corporate governance?Sing, T.F. ; Sirmans, C.F.
152003Dynamics of private industrial space demand in SingaporeSing, T.F. 
1626-Oct-2020Fortunes of Dragons: Cohort Size Effects on Life Outcomes (Fortunes of Dragons)Sumit Agarwal ; Qian Wenlan ; Sing Tien Foo ; Tan Poh Lin 
172005Impact of information and communications technology on real estate space: Perspective of office occupiersSing, T.F. 
182004Inflation hedging characteristics of the Chinese real estate marketChu, Y.; Sing, T.F. 
191-Dec-2020Interactions between Housing Market and Stock Market in the United States: A Markov Switching ApproachMing-Chu Chiang; Tien Foo Sing ; Long Wang
202011Interest alignment and insider shareholdings in the emerging Asian REIT marketsKudus, S.S.; Sing, T.F.