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1Feb-2021Adaptive governance of autonomous vehicles: Accelerating the adoption of disruptive technologies in SingaporeTan, Si Ying ; Taeihagh, Araz 
218-Oct-2019Algorithmic Decision-Making in AVs: Understanding Ethical and Technical Concerns for Smart CitiesHAZEL LIM SI MIN ; ARAZ TAEIHAGH 
3Apr-2020An in-depth analysis of the evolution of the policy mix for the sustainable energy transition in China from 1981 to 2020Li, Lili; ARAZ TAEIHAGH 
425-Apr-2018Autonomous vehicles for smart and sustainable cities: An in-depth exploration of privacy and cybersecurity implicationsLim H.S.M. ; Taeihagh A. 
511-Jul-2018Governing autonomous vehicles: emerging responses for safety, liability, privacy, cybersecurity, and industry risksAraz Taeihagh ; Hazel, Si Min Lim 
616-Jun-2020Governing the adoption of robotics and autonomous systems in long-term care in SingaporeTan, Si Ying ; Taeihagh, Araz 
7Dec-2021Linking political exposures to child and maternal health outcomes: a realist reviewBarnish, Maxwell S; Tan, Si Ying ; Taeihagh, Araz ; Tørnes, Michelle; Nelson-Horne, Rebecca VH; Melendez-Torres, GJ
81-Jul-2020Overcoming barriers to developing and diffusing fuel-cell vehicles: Governance strategies and experiences in JapanTrencher, G; ARAZ TAEIHAGH ; Yarime, M
95-Jan-2021Public Health Innovation through Cloud Adoption: A Comparative Analysis of Drivers and Barriers in Japan, South Korea, and SingaporeRaghavan, Aarthi; Demircioglu, Mehmet Akif ; Taeihagh, Araz 
1017-Jun-2020Regulating human control over autonomous systemsFirlej, Mikolaj; Taeihagh, Araz 
1125-Jan-2020Smart City Governance in Developing Countries: A Systematic Literature ReviewTan Si Ying ; Taeihagh Araz 
1216-May-2018The Governance of Risks in Ridesharing: A Revelatory Case from SingaporeLi Y.; Taeihagh A. ; De Jong M.
1318-May-2020Toward a Commonly Shared Public Policy Perspective for Analyzing Risk Coping StrategiesLi, Yanwei; ARAZ TAEIHAGH ; Jong, Martin; Klinke, Andreas
141-Feb-2021Why and how does the regulation of emerging technologies occur? Explaining the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation using the multiple streams frameworkNIHIT GOYAL ; HOWLETT MICHAEL PATRICK ; ARAZ TAEIHAGH