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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Jan-2016Alberta’s Oil Sands Reclamation Policy Trajectory: The Role of Tense Layering, Policy Stretching and Policy Patching in Long-Term Policy DynamicsAdam Wellstead; Jeremy Rayner; Michael Howlett 
24-Mar-2021Assessing the regulatory challenges of emerging disruptive technologiesTaeihagh, Araz ; Ramesh, M; Howlett, Michael 
33-Nov-2016Assisted Tree Migration in North America: Policy Legacies, Enhanced Forest Policy Integration, and Climate Change AdaptationAdam Wellstead; Michael Howlett 
427-Nov-2010Beyond the Individual in Controversial Science-Based Technology Attitude Formation and Regulation: The State Construction of Policy Alternatives in AsiaLeong, Ching Ching ; Jarvis, Darryl ; Howlett, Michael Patrick ; Migone, Andrea
58-Apr-2013Beyond the “Tinbergen Rule” in Policy Design: Matching Tools and Goals in Policy PortfoliosRio, Pablo del; Howlett, Michael ; Yong, Pung How
610-Aug-2015Bringing Governments Back in: Governance and Governing in Comparative Policy AnalysisGiliberto Capano; Michael Howlett ; M Ramesh 
727-Apr-2017Calibrating Climate Change Policy: The Causes and Consequences of Sustained Policy Under-ReactionMichael Howlett ; Achim Kemmerling
82009Classifying biotechnology-related policy, regulatory and innovation regimes: A framework for the comparative analysis of genomics policy-makingMigone, A.; Howlett, M. 
910-Feb-2014Dealing with the Likelihood of Failure over the Long-Term: Adaptive Policy Design under UncertaintyNair, Sreeja; Howlett, Michael 
1025-Nov-2014Design and Scaling up of Policy Experiments and Pilots: Lessons for the Water SectorHowlett, Michael Patrick ; Nair, Sreeja
1111-Oct-2018Designing for Robustness: Surprise, Agility and Improvisation in Policy DesignMichael Howlett ; Giliberto Capano; M Ramesh 
122018Diffusion of CCTs from Latin America to Asia: The Philippine 4Ps case [Difusão dos PTCs da América Latina para a Ásia: o caso do programa 4Ps nas Filipinas] [Difusión de los PTC de América Latina en Asia: El caso del programa 4Ps en Filipinas]Howlett, M ; Ramesh, M ; Saguin, K 
139-May-2014Duplicative or Complementary? The Relationship between Policy Consulting and Internal Policy Analysis in Canadian GovernmentHowlett, M. ; Migone, A.; Tan, S.L.
141-Sep-2016Dynamics of global financial governance: Constraints, opportunities, and capacities in AsiaJ.J. Woo; M Ramesh ; Michael Howlett ; Mehmet Kerem Coban
1510-Jul-2018Framework or metaphor? Analysing the status of policy learning in the Policy SciencesNihit Goya ; Michael Howlett 
162015From tools to toolkits in policy design studies: The new design orientation towards policy formulation researchHowlett Michael Patrick ; Mukherjee, Ishani ; Woo, Junjie
172006Globalizationand the choice of governing instruments: The direct, indirect, and opportunity effects of internationalizationHowlett, M. ; Ramesh, M. 
1814-Dec-2021Governing Complex Environmental Policy Mixes through Institutional Bricolage: Lessons from the Water-Foresty-Energy-Climate NexusChing Leong; Michael Howlett ; Theodore Lai
192016Image and substance failures in regional organisations: Causes, consequences, learning and change?Chou, M.H; Howlett, M ; Koga, K
202009Implementing transition management as policy reforms: A case study of the Dutch energy sectorKern, F.; Howlett, M.