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Ramesh, M.
Ramesh, M.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
126-Mar-2019Anticipating and Designing for Policy EffectivenessAzad Singh Bali ; Giliberto Capano; M. Ramesh 
225-Mar-2019Assessing Health Reform: Studying Tool Appropriateness & Critical CapacitiesAzad Singh Bali ; M. Ramesh 
32008Autonomy and control in public hospital reforms in SingaporeRamesh, M. 
42006Deregulation and its discontents: Rewriting the rules in AsiaRamesh, M. ; Howlett, M.
511-Oct-2018Designing for Robustness: Surprise, Agility and Improvisation in Policy DesignMichael Howlett ; Giliberto Capano; M Ramesh 
62018Diffusion of CCTs from Latin America to Asia: The Philippine 4Ps case [Difusão dos PTCs da América Latina para a Ásia: o caso do programa 4Ps nas Filipinas] [Difusión de los PTC de América Latina en Asia: El caso del programa 4Ps en Filipinas]Howlett, M ; Ramesh, M ; Saguin, K 
72006Globalisation and national regulations: Race to the bottom, top, and middleRamesh, M. 
82006Globalizationand the choice of governing instruments: The direct, indirect, and opportunity effects of internationalizationHowlett, M. ; Ramesh, M. 
92006Globalizationand the choice of governing instruments: The direct, indirect, and opportunity effects of internationalizationHowlett, M.; Ramesh, M. 
102003Health policy in the Asian NIEsRamesh, M. 
114-Jun-2018Instrument constituencies and transnational policy diffusion: the case of conditional cash transfersDaniel Beland; Rosina Foli; Michael Howlett; M. Ramesh ; JJ Woo
12Sep-2014Market imperfections, government imperfections and policy mixes : policy innovations in SingaporeWu, Xun ; M RAMESH 
132020Mobilizing Policy (In)Capacity to Fight COVID-19: Understanding Variations in State ResponsesCapano, G.; Howlett, M.; Jarvis, D.S.L.; Ramesh, M. ; Goyal, N. 
1420-Mar-2018Policy work and capacities in a developing country: evidence from the PhilippinesKidjie Saguin ; M Ramesh ; Michael Howlett 
1522-Dec-2020Policy-Makers, Policy-Takers and Policy Tools: Dealing with Behaviourial Issues in Policy DesignMichael Howlett; M. Ramesh ; Giliberto Capano
161-Dec-2018Policy-making and truthiness: Can existing policy models cope with politicized evidence and willful ignorance in a "post-fact" world?Perl A.; Howlett M.; Ramesh M. 
172006Preface: The evolution of de/reregulationRamesh, M. ; Howlett, M.
182008Realigning public and private health care in southeast AsiaRamesh, M. ; Wu, X. 
19Nov-2008Reasserting the role of the state in the healthcare sector: Lessons from AsiaRamesh, M. 
202020Systemic solutions for addressing non-communicable diseases in low-and middle-income countriesGanju, A.; Goulart, A.C.; Ray, A.; Majumdar, A.; Jeffers, B.W.; Llamosa, G.; Cañizares, H.; Ramos-Cañizares, I.J.; Fadhil, I.; Subramaniam, K.; Lim, L.-L.; Bizri, L.E.; Ramesh, M. ; Guilford, M.; Ali, R.; Devi, R.D.; Malik, R.A.; Potkar, S.; Wang, Y.-P.