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Ramesh, M.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
122-Jun-2022Active stewardship in healthcare: Lessons from China's health policy reformsAlex Jingwei He; Azad Singh Bali; M. Ramesh 
226-Mar-2019Anticipating and Designing for Policy EffectivenessAzad Singh Bali ; Giliberto Capano; M. Ramesh 
325-Mar-2019Assessing Health Reform: Studying Tool Appropriateness & Critical CapacitiesAzad Singh Bali ; M. Ramesh 
42008Autonomy and control in public hospital reforms in SingaporeRamesh, M. 
510-Aug-2015Bringing Governments Back in: Governance and Governing in Comparative Policy AnalysisGiliberto Capano; Michael Howlett ; M Ramesh 
61-Jun-2021Building administrative capacity for development: limits and prospectsM. Shamsul Haque ; M Ramesh ; Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira; Alexandre de Avila Gomide
71-Dec-2021Conclusion: Health Policy Design in AsiaM Ramesh ; Bali, A. 
81-Mar-2022COVID-19, crisis responses, and public policies: From the persistence of inequalities to the importance of policy designDaniel Béland; Alex Jingwei He; M. Ramesh 
91-Mar-2013Decentralization in Asia: SurveyM Ramesh 
102006Deregulation and its discontents: Rewriting the rules in AsiaRamesh, M. ; Howlett, M.
1111-Oct-2018Designing for Robustness: Surprise, Agility and Improvisation in Policy DesignMichael Howlett ; Giliberto Capano; M Ramesh 
122018Diffusion of CCTs from Latin America to Asia: The Philippine 4Ps case [Difusão dos PTCs da América Latina para a Ásia: o caso do programa 4Ps nas Filipinas] [Difusión de los PTC de América Latina en Asia: El caso del programa 4Ps en Filipinas]Howlett, M ; Ramesh, M ; Saguin, K 
131-Sep-2016Dynamics of global financial governance: Constraints, opportunities, and capacities in AsiaJ.J. Woo; M Ramesh ; Michael Howlett ; Mehmet Kerem Coban
142006Globalisation and national regulations: Race to the bottom, top, and middleRamesh, M. 
152006Globalizationand the choice of governing instruments: The direct, indirect, and opportunity effects of internationalizationHowlett, M. ; Ramesh, M. 
162006Globalizationand the choice of governing instruments: The direct, indirect, and opportunity effects of internationalizationHowlett, M.; Ramesh, M. 
174-Jan-2013Health governance and healthcare reforms in China M Ramesh ; Xun Wu; Alex Jingwei He
1825-Jan-2022Health policy and COVID-19: path dependency and trajectoryAzad Singh Bali; Alex Jingwei He; M Ramesh 
192003Health policy in the Asian NIEsRamesh, M. 
204-Jun-2018Instrument constituencies and transnational policy diffusion: the case of conditional cash transfersDaniel Beland; Rosina Foli; Michael Howlett; M. Ramesh ; JJ Woo