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Haque, Md Shamsul
Hague, M.S.
Haque, S.M.
Shamsul, Haque M.
Haque, M.S.
Haque, M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
128-Apr-2020A critique of the role of NGOs as partners in governanceM. Shamsul Haque 
21-Jun-2021Building administrative capacity for development: limits and prospectsM. Shamsul Haque ; M Ramesh ; Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira; Alexandre de Avila Gomide
31998Bureaucracy and underdevelopment in developing societies a critical reviewShamsul, Haque M. 
42010Decentralizing local governance in Thailand: Contemporary trends and challengesHaque, M.S. 
52002E-governance in India: Its impacts on relations among citizens, politicians and public servantsHaque, M.S. 
62008Global rise of neoliberal state and its impact on citizenship: Experiences in developing nationsHaque, S.M. 
72004Governance and bureaucracy in Singapore: Contemporary reforms and implicationsHaque, M.S. 
82004Governance based on partnership with NGOs: Implications for development and empowerment in rural BangladeshHaque, M.S. 
92002Government responses to terrorism: Critical views of their impacts on people and public administrationHaque, M.S. 
102002Government responses to terrorism: Critical views of their impacts on people and public administrationHaque, M.S. 
11Oct-2013Knowledge-building in asian public administration: An introductory overviewHaque, M.S. ; Turner, M.
121998Legitimation crisis: A challenge for public service in the next centuryHaque, M.S. 
132005Limits of the citizen's charter in India: The critical impacts of social exclusionHaque, M.S. 
142006Modernising government: The way forward - An analysisHaque, M.S. 
1519-Apr-2022Paradoxes of Universal Knowledge in Public Administration: Exploring the Contexts of Africa and AsiaM. Shamsul Haque 
162001Pride and performance in the public service: Three Asian casesHague, M.S. 
17Oct-2013Public administration in a globalized Asia: Intellectual identities, challenges, and prospectsHaque, M.S. 
1825-Jun-2019Questioning cross-cultural applicability of public administration knowledge: a critical Asian perspectiveM. Shamsul Haque 
191999Relationship between citizenship and public administration: A reconfigurationHaque, M.S. 
20Dec-2010Rethinking development administration and remembering fred W. RiggsHaque, M.