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Ishani Mukherjee
Mukherjee, Ishani


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
112-Oct-2017Designing for sustainable outcomes: espousing behavioural change into co-production programmesIshani Mukherjee ; Nilanjana Mukherjee
26-Jul-2021Designing for the Wrong Goal? How Mismatches in Policy Problem Framing Undermine Policy Designs for Environmental ConservationCashore, Benjamin William ; Mukherjee, Ishani ; Virani, Altaf; Wijedasa, Lahiru
32015From tools to toolkits in policy design studies: The new design orientation towards policy formulation researchHowlett Michael Patrick ; Mukherjee, Ishani ; Woo, Junjie
416-Feb-2018Instrument constituencies and public policy-making: an introductionDaniel Beland; Michael Howlett ; Ishani Mukherjee 
519-Aug-2016Policy analysis: a rich array of country and comparative insightsJoselyn Muhleisen; Ishani Mukherjee 
613-Nov-2014Policy design and non-design: towards a spectrum of policy formulation typesMukherjee, Ishani ; Howlett, M 
730-May-2017Policy learning and policy networks in theory and practice: the role of policy brokers in the Indonesian biodiesel policy networkMichael Howlett ; Ishani Mukherjee ; Joop Koppenjan
89-Mar-2018The Contribution of Comparative Policy Analysis to Policy Design: Articulating Principles of Effectiveness and Clarifying Design SpacesMichael Howlett ; Ishani Mukherjee 
916-Jun-2014The Elements of Effective Program Design: A Two-Level AnalysisMukherjee, Ishani ; Howlett, M ; Rayner, J
1010-Apr-2015Who is a stream? Epistemic communities, instrument constituencies and advocacy coalitions in public policy-makingMukherjee, Ishani ; Howlett, Michael Patrick