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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Feb-2016A game theoretic approach to implementation of recycled drinking waterNeng Qian ; Ching Leong 
224-Mar-2015A quantitative investigation of narratives: recycled drinking waterLeong Ching 
31-Jan-2016Ambiguity, bureaucracy and certainty: The ABCs of enabling water self-sufficiencyLeong Ching ; Neng Qian 
427-Nov-2010Beyond the Individual in Controversial Science-Based Technology Attitude Formation and Regulation: The State Construction of Policy Alternatives in AsiaLeong, Ching Ching ; Jarvis, Darryl ; Howlett, Michael Patrick ; Migone, Andrea
51-Jan-2020Can Conformity Overcome the Yuck Factor? Explaining the Choice for Recycled Drinking WaterLeong Ching ; Louis Lebel 
629-Jul-2019Constructing a fabula of resilience: a lived experience approachLeong Ching ; Zhou Yishu ; Nisha Francine Rajoo; Sarah Ruiqi Tan
717-Jan-2019Data from: Can Conformity Overcome the Yuck Factor? Explaining the Choice for Recycled Drinking WaterLeong Ching 
825-Sep-2018Data from: Environmental Identities and Sustainable Development: Using Q-Methodology to Identify Narratives of Sanitation in IndiaLeong Ching 
913-Nov-2018Global IWRM ideas and local context: Studying narratives in rural CambodiaLeong C. ; Mukhtarov F.
102017Hajer’s institutional void and legitimacy without polityLeong, C 
1125-Apr-2013Institutional legitimacy: an exegesis of normative incentivesYahua Wang; Leong Ching 
1221-Apr-2022Managing Internal Policy Risk: Australia, the UK and the US ComparedMichael Howlett ; Ching Leong ; Sonam Sahu
132019Motivating household water conservation: A field experiment in SingaporeGoette L. ; Leong C. ; Qian N. 
141-May-2020Narratives of Sanitation: Motivating Toilet Use in IndiaLeong Ching 
157-Sep-2015Persistently Biased: The Devil Shift in Water Privatization in JakartaLeong Ching 
164-Jul-2018Response to “Investigating Ministry Names for Comparative Policy Analysis: Lessons from Energy Governance”Ching Leong 
172017Singapore and Sydney: Regulation and market-makingLeong, C ; Li, L
181-Jun-2020Social Networks and Perceptions of Power in the MekongLeong Ching 
19Jun-2013The Evolution of Public Transport Policies in SingaporeTan Shin Bin ; Leong Ching 
20May-2013The French model and water challenges in developing countries: evidence from Jakarta and ManilaWu, Xun ; Leong, Ching Ching