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Tan Kai Sen
Tan, Kaisen
Tan, Kai S.
Tan, Kai Sen
Tan, K. S.


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12018Comparative transcriptomic and metagenomic analyses of influenza virus-infected nasal epithelial cells from multiple individuals reveal specific nasal-initiated signaturesTan, K.S. ; Yan, Y. ; Koh, W.L.H. ; Li, L.; Choi, H. ; Tran, T. ; Sugrue, R.; Wang, D.Y. ; Chow, V.T. 
222-Oct-2020Enteroviral 3C protease activates the human NLRP1 inflammasome in airway epithelia.Robinson, Kim S; Teo, Daniel Eng Thiam ; Tan, Kai Sen ; Toh, Gee Ann; Ong, Hsiao Hui ; Lim, Chrissie Kaishi; Lay, Kenneth; Au, Bijin Veonice; Lew, Tian Sheng; Chu, Justin Jang Hann ; Chow, Vincent Tak Kwong ; Wang, De Yun ; Zhong, Franklin L; Reversade, Bruno 
32020FGF2, an Immunomodulatory Factor in Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).Tan, Yuanyang; Qiao, Yongkang ; Chen, Zhuanggui ; Liu, Jing ; Guo, Yanrong; Tran, Thai ; Tan, Kai Sen ; Wang, De-Yun ; Yan, Yan 
42020Host Antiviral Response Suppresses Ciliogenesis and Motile Ciliary Functions in the Nasal EpitheliumChen, Q.; Tan, K.S. ; Liu, J. ; Ong, H.H. ; Zhou, S.; Huang, H. ; Chen, H.; Ong, Y.K.; Thong, M.; Chow, V.T. ; Qiu, Q.; Wang, D.-Y. 
52020Infection of human Nasal Epithelial Cells with SARS-CoV-2 and a 382-nt deletion isolate lacking ORF8 reveals similar viral kinetics and host transcriptional profilesGamage, A.M.; Tan, K. S. ; Chan, W.O.Y.; Liu, J. ; Tan, C.W.; Ong, Y.K.; Thong, M.; Andiappan, A.K.; Anderson, D.E.; Wang, D.Y. ; Wang, L.-F.
6Sep-2020Interleukin-13 Alters Tight Junction Proteins Expression Thereby Compromising Barrier Function and Dampens Rhinovirus Induced Immune Responses in Nasal EpitheliumHuang, Z.-Q.; Liu, J. ; Ong, H.H. ; Yuan, T. ; Zhou, X.-M.; Wang, J.; Tan, K.S. ; Chow, V.T. ; Yang, Q.-T.; Shi, L.; Ye, J.; Wang, D.-Y. 
72014Micro-RNAs in regenerating lungs: an integrative systems biology analysis of murine influenza pneumoniaTan Kai Sen ; Choi Hyung Won ; Jiang Xiaoou ; Yin Lu; SEET JU EE ; Volker Patzel ; Engelward, Bevin P.; CHOW TAK KWONG,VINCENT 
82020P63+Krt5+basal cells are increased in the squamous metaplastic epithelium of patients with radiation-induced chronic RhinosinusitisHuang, H.; Tan, K.S. ; Zhou, S.; Yuan, T.; Liu, J. ; Ong, H.H. ; Chen, Q.; Gao, J.; Xu, M.; Zhu, Z.; Qiu, Q.; Wang, D.Y. 
92018Sinus computed tomography predicts clinical response to corticosteroids in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polypsHong, H; Wang, D; Tan, K.S ; Zheng, R; Chen, F; Gao, W; He, H; Shi, J; Fan, Y; Yang, Q; Sun, Y
102020The origin, transmission and clinical therapies on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak- A n update on the statusGuo, Y.-R.; Cao, Q.-D.; Hong, Z.-S.; Tan, Y.-Y.; Chen, S.-D.; Jin, H.-J.; Tan, K.-S. ; Wang, D.-Y. ; Yan, Y.
116-Aug-2021Viral Load of SARS-CoV-2 in Respiratory Aerosols Emitted by COVID-19 Patients while Breathing, Talking, and SingingColeman, Kristen K; DOUGLAS JIE WEN TAY ; Tan Kai Sen ; Ong, Sean Wei Xiang; THAN THE SON ; MING HUI KOH ; Chin, Yi Qing; Nasir, Haziq; Mak, Tze Minn; CHU JANG HANN ; Milton, Donald K; CHOW TAK KWONG,VINCENT ; PAUL ANANTHARAJAH TAMBYAH ; Chen, Mark; THAM KWOK WAI