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Kwok Wai Tham
Tham, K.W.
Wai, T.K.
Tham, Tham, Kwok Wai
Kwok, W.T.
Tham, Kwok Wai
Tham, K.-W.
Kwok Wai, T.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A comparative study of VOCs in Singapore and European office buildingsZuraimi, M.S.; Roulet, C.-A.; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; David Cheong, K.W.; Wong, N.H. ; Lee, K.H.
211-Jun-2022A Comparison of retrieved Respiratory Viral Load emitted by infected SARS-CoV-2 patientsTham, Kwok Wai ; Coleman, Kristen ; Tay, Douglas ; Ong, Ong; Tan, Kai Sen ; Milton, Don; Koh, ming hui ; Chow, TK ; Chen, Mark; Tambyah, Paul 
3Jun-2014A literature survey on measuring energy usage for miscellaneous electric loads in offices and commercial buildingsKamilaris, A.; Kalluri, B.; Kondepudi, S.; Kwok Wai, T. 
42012A preference driven multi-criteria optimization tool for HVAC design and operationPantelic, J. ; Raphael, B. ; Tham, K.W. 
52006A study of perceived air quality and sick building syndrome in a field environment chamber served by displacement ventilation system in the tropicsCheong, K.W.D. ; Yu, W.J.; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; Kosonen, R.
62006A study on dampness and its associations with asthma and allergies among 20103 young children in Sweden, Bulgaria and SingaporeZuraimi, M.S.; Naydenov, K.; Hägerhed-Engman, L.; Tham, K.W. ; Borneha, C.-G.; Sundell, J.
72004A study on the identification and quantification of sources of VOCs in 5 air-conditioned Singapore office buildingsZuraimi, M.S.; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. 
82014Absence of detectable influenza RNA transmitted via aerosol during various human respiratory activities -experiments from Singapore and Hong KongTang J.W.; Gao C.X.; Cowling B.J.; Koh G.C. ; Chu D.; Heilbronn C.; Lloyd B.; Pantelic J.; Nicolle A.D.; Klettner C.A.; Peiris J.S.M.; Sekhar C. ; Cheong D.K.W. ; Tham K.W. ; Koay E.S.C. ; Tsui W.; Kwong A.; Chan K.; Li Y.
92007Active control of Indoor Environmental QualityRaphael, B. ; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. 
1017-Nov-2013Adequacy of air change rate as the sole indicator of an air distribution system's effectiveness to mitigate airborne infectious disease transmission caused by a cough release in the room with overhead mixing ventilation: A case studyPantelic, J.; Tham, K.W. 
112012Adequacy of air exchange rate as a sole indicator of air delivery system's protective effectiveness against airborne infections disease transmissionTham, K.W. ; Pantelic, J. 
121996Air exchange efficiency of a ventilation system - A case studySekhar, C. ; Tham, K.W. ; Lee, S.E. 
131-Oct-2015Air temperature investigation in microenvironment around ahumanbodyLicinaa, Dusan; Melikov, Arsen; Sekhar, Sitaraman Chandra ; Tham, Kwok Wai 
14May-2009Airborne fungi in low and high allergic prevalence child care centersZuraimi, M.S.; Fang, L.; Tan, T.K. ; Chew, F.T. ; Tham, K.W. 
15Mar-2012"Airborne particulate pollution in a tropical urban environment: Health risk assessment of residents in high-rise buildings"Kalaiarasan, M.; Balasubramanian, R. ; Cheong, K.W.D. ; Tham, K.W. 
162012Airflow dynamics of coughing in healthy human volunteers by shadowgraph imaging: An aid to aerosol infection controlTang, J.W.; Nicolle, A.; Pantelic, J. ; Koh, G.C. ; de Wang, L.; Amin, M.; Klettner, C.A.; Cheong, D.K.W. ; Sekhar, C. ; Tham, K.W. 
172013Airflow Dynamics of Human Jets: Sneezing and Breathing - Potential Sources of Infectious AerosolsTang, J.W.; Nicolle, A.D.; Klettner, C.A.; Pantelic, J. ; Wang, L.; Suhaimi, A.B.; Tan, A.Y.L.; Ong, G.W.X.; Su, R.; Sekhar, C. ; Cheong, D.D.W. ; Tham, K.W. 
182016Applicability of using time series subsequences to study office plug load appliancesKalluri B.; Kamilaris A.; Kondepudi S. ; Kua H.W. ; Tham K.W. 
1923-Feb-2022Assessment of airflow and heat transfer around a thermal manikin in a premise served by DOAS and ceiling fansHasama, Takamasa; Mihara, Kuniaki; Sekhar, Chandra ; Cheong, Kok Wai David ; Tham, Kok Wai 
2010-May-2021Assessment of home-based and mobility-based exposure to black carbon in an urban environment: A pilot studyAdam, Max Gerrit ; Tran, Phuong Thi Minh; Cheong, David Kok Wai ; Chandra Sekhar, Sitaraman ; Tham, Kwok Wai ; Balasubramanian, Rajasekhar