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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2013A comparative analysis of human thermal conditions in outdoor urban spaces in the summer season in Singapore and Changsha, ChinaYang, W.; Wong, N.H. ; Zhang, G.
22006A comparative study of VOCs in Singapore and European office buildingsZuraimi, M.S.; Roulet, C.-A.; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; David Cheong, K.W.; Wong, N.H. ; Lee, K.H.
32006A green experiment conducted in the tropical climateYu, C. ; Hien, W.N. 
41-Jan-2022A novel methodology to obtain ambient temperatures using multi-rotor UAV-mounted sensorsXu, R ; Zhang, W ; Wong, NH ; Tong, S ; Wu, X 
5Nov-2022A Semi-Automatic Data Management Framework for Studying Thermal Comfort, Cognitive Performance, Physiological Performance, and Environmental Parameters in Semi-Outdoor SpacesChen, Shisheng ; Mihara, Kuniaki; Wong, Nyuk Hien ; Lee, Jason Kai Wei ; Tan, Chun Liang 
62011A simulation study of thermal impacts of greenery on a PV rooftopHendarti, R.; Weimeng, S.; Wittkopf, S.K. ; Hien, W.N. 
72001A study of fire in a concealed basement using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulationWong, N.H. ; Chew, M.Y.L. ; Ho, J.C.L.
82006A study of the effectiveness of mechanical ventilation systems of a hawker center in Singapore using CFD simulationsWong, N.H. ; Song, J.; Istiadji, A.D.
92007A study of the effectiveness of passive climate control in naturally ventilated residential buildings in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Li, S. 
102010Acoustics evaluation of vertical greenery systems for building wallsWong, N.H. ; Kwang Tan, A.Y.; Tan, P.Y.; Chiang, K.; Wong, N.C.
112003Adaptive behaviour and thermal comfort in Singapore's naturally ventilated housingFeriadi, H.; Wong, N.H. ; Chandra, S.; Cheong, K.W. 
122010Air temperature distribution and the influence of sky view factor in a green singapore estateHien, W.N. ; Jusuf, S.K. 
132008An assessment method for existing greenery conditions in a university campusHien, W.N. ; Jusuf, S.K. 
142002An evaluation exercise of a wind pressure distribution modelWong, N.H. ; Chin, H.K.
152007Applying natural ventilation for thermal comfort in residential buildings in SingaporeLiping, W.; Hien, W.N. 
162018Assessing the effects of urban morphology parameters on microclimate in Singapore to control the urban heat island effectJin, H; Cui, P ; Wong, N.H ; Ignatius, M 
172005Building surfaces and their effect on the urban thermal environmentPriyadarsini, R. ; Wong, N.H. 
182009Causes of urban heat island in Singapore: An investigation using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)Priyadarsini, R.; Hien, W.N. 
19Sep-2004Comparative study of the indoor air quality of naturally ventilated and air-conditioned bedrooms of residential buildings in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Huang, B.
202003Computer-based performance simulation for building design and evaluation: The Singapore perspectiveHien, W.N. ; Poh, L.K. ; Feriadi, H.