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Nyuk Hien Wong
Wong, N.H.
Hien, W.N.
Nyuk Hien, W.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1012002Thermal comfort evaluation of naturally ventilated public housing in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Feriadi, H.; Lim, P.Y.; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, C. ; Cheong, K.W. 
1022004Thermal comfort for naturally ventilated houses in IndonesiaFeriadi, H.; Wong, N.H. 
1032003Thermal comfort in classrooms in the tropicsWong, N.H. ; Khoo, S.S.
1042013Thermal comfort in outdoor urban spaces in SingaporeYang, W.; Wong, N.H. ; Jusuf, S.K. 
1052003Thermal comfort study of an air-conditioned lecture theatre in the tropicsCheong, K.W.D. ; Djunaedy, E. ; Chua, Y.L.; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; Wong, N.H. ; Ullah, M.B. 
1062010Thermal evaluation of vertical greenery systems for building wallsWong, N.H. ; Kwang Tan, A.Y.; Chen, Y. ; Sekar, K.; Tan, P.Y.; Chan, D.; Chiang, K.; Wong, N.C.
1072009Thermal impact of strategic landscaping in cities: A reviewYu, C. ; Hien, W.N. 
1082006Thermal sensation responses in hot, humid climates: Effects of humidityGivoni, B.; Khedari, J.; Wong, N.H. ; Feriadi, H.; Noguchi, M.
1092003Total building performance evaluation of academic institution in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Jan, W.L.S.
1101-Nov-2022Transient thermal and physiological responses from air-conditioned room to semi-outdoor space in the tropicsMihara, Kuniaki; Chen, Shisheng ; Hasama, Takamasa; Tan, Chun Liang ; Lee, Kai Wei Jason ; Wong, Nyuk Hien 
1112011Urban climatic map and STEVE tool for sustainable urban planning in SingaporeJusuf, S.K. ; Wong, N.H. ; Tan, C.L. 
1122011Urban heat island study on building morphology related with micro-climate condition and energy consumption within Singapore commercial areaWong, N.H. ; Kardinal Jusuf, S.; Ignatius, M.
1132011Urban morphology and temperature mapping comparative study: Case study: Singapore's commercial areaWong, N.H. ; Jusuf, S.K. ; Samsudin, R. ; Ignatius, M.
1142011Ventilation comfort chart for semi-outdoor spaces in the tropicsSong, J.F.; Wong, N.H. ; Huang, K.