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Wittkopf,Stephen Klaus
(not current staff)
Wittkopf, S.
Wittkopf, S.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004A method to construct virtual sky domes for use in standard CAD-based light simulation softwareWittkopf, S.K. 
22011A simulation study of thermal impacts of greenery on a PV rooftopHendarti, R.; Weimeng, S.; Wittkopf, S.K. ; Hien, W.N. 
32007Analysing sky luminance scans and predicting frequent sky patterns in SingaporeWittkopf, S.K. ; Soon, L.K.; Ng, E.Y.Y.
4Nov-2012Analytical performance monitoring of a 142.5kW p grid-connected rooftop BIPV system in SingaporeWittkopf, S. ; Valliappan, S.; Liu, L.; Ang, K.S.; Cheng, S.C.J.
52008BIPV design for Singapore Zero-Energy BuildingWittkopf, S. ; Seng, A.K.; Poh, P.; Pandey, A. 
62012Color rendering properties of semi-transparent thin-film PV modulesLynn, N. ; Mohanty, L. ; Wittkopf, S. 
72007Daylight performance of anidolic ceiling under different sky conditionsWittkopf, S.K. 
82009Development of a solar radiation and BIPV design tool as energyplus plugin for google sketchupWittkopf, S.K. ; Kambadkone, A.; Quanhui, H.; Khai, N.P.
9Jun-2005Evaluation of virtual sky domes for the prediction of daylight performance with radiosity-based light simulation softwareWittkopf, S.K. 
102011Modelling the impact of glazing selection on daylighting performance of an office building in singapore using energyPlusNg, P.K.; Wittkopf, S.K. ; Sun, W. 
112012Optical scatter measurement and analysis of innovative daylight scattering materialsMohanty, L. ; Yang, X. ; Wittkopf, S.K. 
122006Outdoor illuminance levels in the tropics and their representation in virtual sky domesDarula, S.; Kittler, R.; Wittkopf, S.K. 
132010Performance of Anidolic Daylighting Systems in tropical climates - Parametric studies for identification of main influencing factorsLinhart, F.; Wittkopf, S.K. ; Scartezzini, J.-L.
142006Prediction of energy savings with anidolic integrated ceiling across different daylight climatesWittkopf, S.K. ; Yuniarti, E. ; Soon, L.K.
152010Ray tracing study for non-imaging daylight collectorsWittkopf, S. ; Oliver Grobe, L. ; Geisler-Moroder, D.; Compagnon, R.; Kämpf, J.; Linhart, F.; Scartezzini, J.-L.
162009Recent research on anidolic daylighting systems: Highly reflective coating materials and chronobiological propertiesLinhart, F.; Wittkopf, S.K. ; Münch, M.; Scartezzini, J.-L.
172009Robust pose estimation for outdoor mixed reality with sensor fusionZhou, Z. ; Karlekar, J. ; Hii, D. ; Schneider, M. ; Lu, W. ; Wittkopf, S. 
182012Semi-transparent building-integrated photovoltaic windows: Potential energy savings of office buildings in tropical SingaporeKhai, N.P.; Mithraratne, N. ; Wittkopf, S. 
192012Solar heat gain coefficient measurement of semi-transparent photovoltaic modules with indoor calorimetric hot box and solar simulatorChen, F.; Wittkopf, S.K. ; Khai Ng, P.; Du, H.
202012Summer condition thermal transmittance measurement of fenestration systems using calorimetric hot boxChen, F.; Wittkopf, S.K.