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Nyuk Hien Wong
Wong, N.H.
Hien, W.N.
Nyuk Hien, W.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
212009Coupled simulations for naturally ventilated rooms between building simulation (BS) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for better prediction of indoor thermal environmentWang, L.; Wong, N.H. 
221-Jan-2022Deriving Green Plot Ratio (GnPR) from a Building Information Modelling (BIM) Vegetation LibraryLin, ES ; Gobeawan, L; Xuan, L; Lim, CCW; He, Y ; Tan, CL ; Tan, PY ; Wong, NH ; Koon, AYT
232003Detailed multi-zone air flow analysis in the early building design phaseWong, N.H. ; Mahdavi, A.; Boonyakiat, J.; Lam, K.P. 
242006Determination of acceptable U-values for naturally ventilated residential building façades in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Li, S. 
251-Nov-2019Dry mist systems and its impact on thermal comfort for the tropicsZheng, Kai; YUAN CHAO ; Wong Nyuk Hien ; CEN CHAO 
2611-Dec-2018Editorial: Urban Heat Island (UHI) and its Mitigation through Urban Planning, Design, and LandscapingSteve Kardinal Jusuf; Marcel Ignatius ; Wong Nyuk Hien ; Hasheem Akbari
2716-Aug-2021The effect of dynamic albedos of plant canopy on thermal performance of rooftop greenery: A case study in SingaporeHe, Yang ; Lin, Ervine Shengwei ; Yu, Zhongqi ; Tan, Chun Liang ; Tan, Puay Yok ; Wong, Nyuk Hien 
282004Effect of external shading devices on daylighting penetration in residential buildingsWong, N.H. ; Istiadji, A.D.; Ng, E.
292019Effect of reflective building façade on pedestrian visual comfortIshak, N.M.; Hien, W.N. ; Jenatabadi, H.S.; Mustafa, N.A.; Zawawi, E.M.A.
102005Effects of double glazed facade on energy consumption, thermal comfort and condensation for a typical office building in SingaporeHien, W.N. ; Liping, W.; Chandra, A.N.; Pandey, A.R. ; Xiaolin, W.
112009Energy simulation of vertical greenery systemsWong, N.H. ; Tan, A.Y.K.; Tan, P.Y.; Wong, N.C.
122-Mar-2004Energy-efficient variable-air-volume (VAV) system with zonal ventilation controlSEKHAR, CHANDRA ; THAM, KWOK WAI ; CHEONG, DAVID KOK WAI ; WONG, NYUK HIEN 
132004Enhancement of natural ventilation in high-rise residential buildings using stack systemPriyadarsini, R. ; Cheong, K.W. ; Wong, N.H. 
1415-May-2022Environmental satisfaction, mood and cognitive performance in semi-outdoor space in the tropicsMihara, K; Chen, S ; Hasama, T; Tan, CL ; Lee, JKW ; Wong, NH 
152007Environmental study of the impact of greenery in an institutional campus in the tropicsWong, N.H. ; Kardinal Jusuf, S.; Aung La Win, A.; Kyaw Thu, H.; Syatia Negara, T.; Xuchao, W.
162010Erratum: Facade design optimization for naturally ventilated residential buildings in Singapore (Energy and Buildings (2007) 39 (954-961))Wang, L.; Wong, N.H. ; Li, S. 
17Jan-2011Evaluation of the impact of the surrounding urban morphology on building energy consumptionWong, N.H. ; Jusuf, S.K. ; Syafii, N.I.; Chen, Y.; Hajadi, N.; Sathyanarayanan, H.; Manickavasagam, Y.V.
182019Evaluation of the photovoltaic potential in built environment using spatial data captured by unmanned aerial vehiclesZhang, W. ; Wong, N.H. ; Zhang, Y.; Chen, Y. ; Tong, S. ; Zheng, Z.; Chen, J.
192006Exploring the thermal benefits of plants in industrial areas with respect to the tropical climateHien, W.N. ; Yu, C. ; Tee, W.S.; Chung, C.
202007Geographical Information System (GIS)-based Urban Heat Island study in NUS campusHien, W.N. ; Jusuf, S.K.