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Yit Lin, Michael Chew
chew yit lin michael
chew, m.
chew, m.y.l.
chew, michael y.l.
chew, yit lin
chew, yit lin michael
chew, yit-lin michael
lin chew, m.y.
m y l chew
m.y.l. chew
yit lin chew, michael

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11999A computational fluid dynamic simulation study of a smoke extract system in an underground transit stationChew, M.Y.L. ; Lim, S.H.
22013A model to predict carbon monoxide of woods under external heat flux - Part I: TheoryShi, L.; Chew, M.Y.L. 
32013A model to predict carbon monoxide of woods under external heat flux - Part II: Validation and applicationShi, L.; Chew, M.Y.L. 
42001A modified on-site water chamber tester for masonry wallsChew, M.Y.L. 
52004A multivariate approach to maintenance prediction of wet areasChew, M.Y.L. ; Tan, S.S.
62004A neural network approach to assessing building façade maintability in thr tropicsChew, M.Y.L. ; De Silva, N. ; Tan, S.S.
72013A review of fire processes modeling of combustible materials under external heat fluxShi, L.; Chew, M.Y.L. 
81999A review of the assessment methods for the performance of sealantsChew, M.Y.L. ; Goh, P.S.; Wee, K.J.
92012A review on sustainable design of renewable energy systemsShi, L.; Chew, M.Y.L. 
102001A study of fire in a concealed basement using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulationWong, N.H. ; Chew, M.Y.L. ; Ho, J.C.L.
112018An assessment of maintainability of elevator system to improve facilities management knowledge-baseSiti N.A.; Asmone A.S. ; Chew M.Y.L. 
12Jan-1999Applicability of infrared spectroscopy for sealant degradation studiesChew, M.Y.L. ; Goh, S.H. ; Kang, L.H. ; Tan, Nicholas
132000Application of ATR in characterizing aging conditions of polyurethane sealantsChew, M.Y.L. ; Zhou, X. ; Tay, Y.M.
142004Artificial neural network approach for grading of maintainability in wet areas of high-rise buildingsChew, M.Y.L. ; De Silva, N. ; Tan, S.S.
152008Building grading systems: A review of the state-of-the-artChew, M.Y.L. ; Das, S.
162004Building maintainability - Review of state of the artChew, M.Y.L. ; Tan, S.S.; Kang, K.H.
172006Chemisorption of air-heated and nitrogen-heated wood chars exposed to long-term heatingLim, S.M. ; Chew, M.Y.L. 
182005Compensation effects in the non-isothermal pyrolysis of woodLim, S.M. ; Chew, M.Y.L. 
192005Contribution analysis of maintainability factors for cladding facadesChew, M.Y.L. ; Tan, S.S.; Kang, K.H.
202001Curing characteristics and elastic recovery of sealantsChew, M.Y.L.