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Ong Yew Kwang
Ong, Y.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Aberrant localization of FOXJ1 correlates with the disease severity and comorbidities in patients with nasal polyps 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1102 Cardiorespiratory Medicine and HaematologyPeng, Y.; Guan, W.-J. ; Tan, K.S. ; Zhu, Z.; Chen, Z.; Hong, H.; Wang, Z.; Tian, T.; Zi, X.; Ong, Y.K. ; Thong, M. ; Shi, L.; Yang, Q.; Qiu, Q.; Wang, D.-Y. 
2Oct-2011Endoscopic nasopharyngectomy and its role in managing locally recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinomaOng, Y.K. ; Solares, C.A.; Lee, S.; Snyderman, C.H.; Fernandez-Miranda, J.; Gardner, P.A.
31-May-2016IgG4-positive extranodal marginal zone lymphoma arising in Hashimoto's thyroiditis: clinicopathological and cytogenetic features of a hitherto undescribed conditionTan, Char-Loo ; Ong, Yew-Kwang ; Tan, Soo-Yong ; Ng, Siok-Bian 
42019RNA Sequencing of H3N2 Influenza Virus-Infected Human Nasal Epithelial Cells from Multiple Subjects Reveals Molecular Pathways Associated with Tissue Injury and ComplicationsTan, K.S. ; Andiappan, A.K.; Lee, B.; Yan, Y. ; Liu, J. ; Tang, S.A.; Lum, J.; He, T.T. ; Ong, Y.K. ; Thong, M. ; Lim, H.F. ; Choi, H.W. ; Rotzschke, O.; Chow, V.T. ; Wang, Y. 
527-Dec-2018Sino-orbital desmoid tumor in a pediatric patient ? Case report with review of literatureMariel Angelou Parulan; Gangadhara Sundar ; Yew Kwang Ong ; Tseng Tsai Yeo; Victor Lee ; Miriam Kimpo 
62019Upregulation of cell-surface mucin MUC15 in human nasal epithelial cells upon influenza A virus infectionChen, Z.G. ; Wang, Z.N.; Yan, Y. ; Liu, J. ; He, T.T.; Thong, K.T. ; Ong, Y.K. ; Chow, V.T.K. ; Tan, K.S. ; Wang, D.Y.