Gangadhara Sundar Janavikulam Kannappan


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Gangadhara Sundar Janavikulam Kannappan
Sundar, G.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2011Acquired epiblepharon treated by lateral orbital and fat decompressionAlmousa, R.; Sundar, G. 
22011Bilateral orbital haematomas in an anticoagulated patient with severe H1N1 influenzaMansurali N.; MacLaren G ; Sundar G. 
328-Apr-2019Clinical, Radiological and Histological Correlation in Diagnosis of Orbital TumoursRalene Sim; Stephanie Young ; Rupesh Agrawal ; Gangadhara Sundar 
41-Dec-2021Correction to: Radiological evaluation of malignant pleural mesothelioma - defining distant metastatic disease (BMC Cancer, (2020), 20, 1, (1210), 10.1186/s12885-020-07662-y)Collins, DC; Sundar, R ; Constantinidou, A; Dolling, D; Yap, TA; Popat, S; O’Brien, ME; Banerji, U; de Bono, JS; Lopez, JS; Tunariu, N; Minchom, A
53-Sep-2019Efficacy and safety of pulsed intravenous methylprednisolone in early active thyroid eye diseaseYoung, SM ; Lim, AYN ; Lang, SS; Lee, KO ; Sundar, G 
62020Guidelines for the management of ocular trauma during the COVID-19 pandemicNatarajan, S.; Nair, A.G.; Hegde, R.; Sundar, G. ; Bapaye, M.M.; Mukherjee, G.; Bhasin, P.; Sachdev, M.S.; Sharma, N.; Sinha, R.
71-Oct-2018Planes of Reference for Orbital Fractures: A Technique for Reproducible Measurements of the Orbit on Computed Tomography ScansCai E.Z.; Chong X.T.; Ong W.L.; Chan L.S.F.; Goh J.Y.; Sundar G. ; Lim T.C. 
81-Mar-2022Prophylactic Intraoperative Nasolacrimal Duct Intubation in Surgical Treatment of Facial Fractures—Is There a Role?Teoh, RLW; Fong, PY; Cai, EZ; Yap, YL ; Hing, ECH; Lee, HJ; Nallathamby, V; Ong, WC ; Lim, J ; Sundar, G ; Lim, TC 
927-Dec-2018Sino-orbital desmoid tumor in a pediatric patient ? Case report with review of literatureMariel Angelou Parulan; Gangadhara Sundar ; Yew Kwang Ong ; Tseng Tsai Yeo; Victor Lee ; Miriam Kimpo 
10Jun-2011The kidney dish as a template for titanium mesh contouring in supraorbital rim fractures: A simple and effective methodYeo, M.S.-W.; Sundar, G. ; Lim, T.C.
111-Jun-2021Three-Dimensional Planes of Reference for Orbital FracturesAng, Benson Wen Guang; Chiew, Wenqi; Cai, Elijah Zhengyang; Hing, Angela Chai Ying; Lee, Hanjing ; Yap, Yan Lin ; Nallathamby, Vigneswaran; Lim, Jane ; Sundar, Gangadhara ; Leow, Wee Kheng ; Lim, Thiam Chye 
121-Apr-2015Thyroid eye disease: a Southeast Asian experienceLim, Nigel CS; Sundar, Gangadhara ; Amrith, Shantha; Lee, Kok Onn 
13Dec-2011Undifferentiated carcinoma of the lacrimal sac: Case report and review of literatureLow, J.R.; Bian Ng, S. ; Sundar, G. 
142016Unilateral proptosis in an immunocompetent child from the middle eastFu K.X. ; Tham E. ; Chao S.S. ; Sundar G. ; Isa M.S. ; Shek L.P.-C. ; Ang S.; Chan S.M. 
15Dec-2012Unusual merkel cell carcinoma of the eyelidShah, J.M.; Sundar, G. ; Tan, K.B. ; Zee, Y.K.