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Ji F.


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116-Jul-2021Brain Functional Changes in Stroke Following Rehabilitation Using Brain-Computer Interface-Assisted Motor Imagery With and Without tDCS: A Pilot StudyHu, M; Cheng, HJ ; Ji, F ; Chong, JSX ; Lu, Z; Huang, W; Ang, KK; Phua, KS; Chuang, KH ; Jiang, X; Chew, E ; Guan, C; Zhou, JH
21-Oct-2016Disrupted salience network functional connectivity and white-matter microstructure in persons at risk for psychosis: findings from the LYRIKS studyWang, C; Ji, F ; Hong, Z; Poh, JS; Krishnan, R ; Lee, J; Rekhi, G; Keefe, RSE ; Adcock, RA; Wood, SJ; Fornito, A; Pasternak, O; Chee, MWL ; Zhou, J
32017Distinct white matter microstructural abnormalities and extracellular water increases relate to cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease with and without cerebrovascular diseaseJi F. ; Pasternak O.; Liu S. ; Loke Y.M. ; Choo B.L. ; Hilal S. ; Xu X. ; Ikram M.K. ; Venketasubramanian N. ; Chen C.L.-H. ; Zhou J. 
42015KIF5B transports BNIP-2 to regulate p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation and myoblast differentiationGarcia-Alvarez G. ; Lu B.; Yap K.A.F. ; Wong L.C. ; Thevathasan J.V. ; Lim L. ; Ji F. ; Tan K.W. ; Mancuso J.J. ; Tang W.; Poon S.Y.; Augustine G.J.; Fivaz M. 
52020Longitudinal trajectory of Amyloid-related hippocampal subfield atrophy in nondemented elderlyZhang, L. ; Mak, E.; Reilhac, A. ; Shim, Hee Y.; Ng, K.K. ; Ong, M.Q.W.; Ji, F. ; Chong, E.J.Y.; Xu, X. ; Wong, Z.X.; Stephenson, M.C.; Venketasubramanian, N.; Tan, B.Y.; O'Brien, J.T.; Zhou, J.H.; Chen, C.L.H. 
61-Dec-2021Task-related brain functional network reconfigurations relate to motor recovery in chronic subcortical strokeCheng, HJ; Ng, KK ; Qian, X ; Ji, F ; Lu, ZK; Teo, WP; Hong, X; Nasrallah, FA; Ang, KK; Chuang, KH ; Guan, C; Yu, H ; Chew K.K. ; Zhou, JH
71-Dec-2019White matter microstructural abnormalities and default network degeneration are associated with early memory deficit in Alzheimer’s disease continuumJi, F ; Pasternak, O; Ng, KK; Chong, JSX; Liu, S ; Zhang, L ; Shim, HY ; Loke, YM ; Tan, BY ; Venketasubramanian, N ; Chen, CLH ; Zhou, JH