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Yu, H.
Yu, Haoyong


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017A novel de-noising method for improving the performance of full-waveform LiDAR using differential optical pathCheng, Y ; Cao, J; Hao, Q; Xiao, Y; Zhang, F; Xia, W; Zhang, K; Yu, H 
22015A practical tuning method for the robust PID controller with velocity feed-backSariyildiz, E ; Yu, H ; Ohnishi, K
319-Oct-2014A quantitative evaluation function for 3D tree-like structure segmentations in liver imagesCheng Li ; Jiaze Wu; Yanling Chi; Qi Tian; Jimin Liu; Haoyong Yu 
42015Design and control of a novel compliant differential shape memory alloy actuatorGuo, Zhao ; Pan, Yongping ; Wee, Liangboon; Yu, Haoyong 
52019Feature extraction of shoulder joint’s voluntary flexion-extension movement based on electroencephalography signals for power assistanceLiang, H; Zhu, C; Iwata, Y; Maedono, S; Mochita, M; Liu, C; Ueda, N; Li, P; Yu, H ; Yan, Y; Duan, F
62015Global asymptotic stabilization using adaptive fuzzy PD controlPan, Yongping ; Yu, Haoyong ; Sun, Tairen.
724-Jun-2019High mobility control of an omnidirectional platform for gait rehabilitation after strokeGabriel Aguirre Ollinger ; Narayan, Ashwin; Anaya Reyes, Francisco ; Cheng, Hsiao-Ju; Yu, Haoyong 
82013Intelligent fault monitoring and diagnosis in electrical machinesHuang, S.; Yu, H. 
92014Leader-based consensus of heterogeneous nonlinear multiagent systemsSun T.; Pan Y.; Yu H. 
1029-Jan-2018Robust model predictive control for constrained continuous-time nonlinear systemsTairen Sun; Yongping Pan ; Jun Zhang; Haoyong Yu 
1117-Jan-2018Subject-specific and respiration-corrected 4D liver model from real-time ultrasound image sequencesCheng Li; Jiaze Wu ; Apoorva Gogna ; Bien Tan ; Jin Teo ; London Ooi ; Jimin Liu; Haoyong Yu