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Marc Laurent Fivaz
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Fivaz M.
Fivaz, M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2008Asian promise: The state and future of collaborations in neurosciencePoo, M.-M.; Sander, L.; Fivaz, M. ; Hayashi, Y.
22016Editorial: Imaging synapse structure and functionAugustine, G.J ; Fivaz, M 
32008Feedback-mediated neuronal competition for survival cues regulates innervation of a target tissueLi, Y. ; Fivaz, M. 
4Nov-2010Fully-automated image processing software to analyze calcium traces in populations of single cellsWong, L.C. ; Lu, B.; Tan, K.W. ; Fivaz, M. 
5Feb-2011Hierarchical temporal processing deficit model of reality distortion and psychosesKrishnan, R.R.; Fivaz, M. ; Kraus, M.S.; Keefe, R.S.E.
62014High-content imaging of presynaptic assemblyPoon, V.Y ; Goh, C; Mathijs Voorhoeve, P ; Fivaz, M 
72015Impaired spatial memory and enhanced long-term potentiation in mice with forebrain-specific ablation of the Stim genesGarcia-Alvarez, G ; Shetty, M.S ; Lu, B ; Yap, K.A.F ; Oh-Hora, M; Sajikumar, S ; Bichler, Z ; Fivaz, M 
82015KIF5B transports BNIP-2 to regulate p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation and myoblast differentiationGarcia-Alvarez G. ; Lu B.; Yap K.A.F. ; Wong L.C. ; Thevathasan J.V. ; Lim L. ; Ji F. ; Tan K.W. ; Mancuso J.J. ; Tang W.; Poon S.Y.; Augustine G.J.; Fivaz M. 
92007Late endosomal cholesterol accumulation leads to impaired intra-endosomal traffickingSobo K.; Le Blanc I.; Luyet P.-P.; Fivaz M. ; Ferguson C.; Parton R.G.; Gruenberg J.; Van der Goot F.G.
102014Liprin-a1, ERC1 and LL5 define polarized and dynamic structures that are implicated in cell migrationAstro, V; Chiaretti, S; Magistrati, E; Fivaz, M ; De Curtis, I
112016miR-27b shapes the presynaptic transcriptome and influences neurotransmission by silencing the polycomb group protein Bmi1Poon V.Y.; Gu M.; Ji F.; VanDongen A.M.; Fivaz M. 
122005Reversible intracellular translocation of KRas but not HRas in hippocampal neurons regulated by Ca2+/calmodulinFivaz, M ; Meyer, T